Top 5 Miniature Gardening Tools

In every avenue of crafting, there are classic supplies and techniques. For example, basic resources used in scrapbook

In every avenue of crafting, there are classic supplies and techniques. For example, basic resources used in scrapbook

In every avenue of crafting, there are classic supplies and techniques. For example, basic resources used in scrapbooking are cardstock, a quality pair of scissors, a plethora of stickers, and a can-do attitude. When it comes to miniature gardening supplies, a recent poll of mini landscapers revealed the five most popular tools that add extra details and a little punch of whimsy to fairy gardens.

These miniature accessories are buckets, wheelbarrows, hoses, gardening tools, and hand tools. When searching for these items, you will find that some designers have followed the traditional shapes and colors, while other artists have added their personal touches. Therefore, the top gardening tools have a variety of designs and multiple hues that promote distinct features for each fairy garden. Where to position these gardening tools in the landscape or container is up to each miniature gardener. Add them alongside a fairy house, barn, gate, or shed. Lean the miniature accessories against a fence that surrounds a small garden. All of these items fit naturally into the landscape due to the fact they are gardening equipment.

How does each of the tools apply to my gardens? The bucket that fits in my fairy gardens the best would have to be the Flower Bucket, a bright-pink pail with a yellow flower painted on the outside. The bucket would fit well alongside other gardening tools in an area with flowering miniature plants. The instant I saw the Little Red Wagon, I knew it would be the ideal addition to my miniature garden. The Little Red Wagon reminds me of the wagon I grew up with during my childhood. I remember using it as a wheelbarrow to haul flowers to my parents’ front garden and weeds to the compost in the backyard.

I would also pick the Fairy Garden Hose to decorate my fairy garden. Everyone in my neighborhood grew up with a garden hose near the backyard water spigot, and when I was a kid, we used it as our outdoor water fountain. In the fairy garden, hang the hose from a bracket on the wall or drape it around a metal stand. The hose can also be curled inside a round metal tub and placed near the spigot. Next, let us explore ideas for the tools.

The word tools embrace a variety of gardening equipment. In my miniature garden, the fairies like to use a spade, fork, or shovel when working in the Black Gold Dirt. I prefer to display this vintage equipment by leaning it against a red barn or fairy house. Hand tools, such as a trowel, weeder, or pruner, display best on a potting table or workbench.

Lastly, there are so many places in the fairy garden I may position a rusted wheelbarrow. It may be occupying a space in the vegetable garden, sitting near the barn while full of pumpkins, or resting on the patio while holding a variety of flowers.

I like to think through my options when I am planning my miniature gardens. Once I am ready to start working, I include my favorite gardening supplies in a tool belt. I always have these top five gardening tools on hand to add personality to each unique green space.

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