Low Maintenance Plants For Urban Homes

Having plants at home is always a god idea. They are clean, green and oh so serene to look at.

Having plants at home is always a god idea. They are clean, green and oh so serene to look at. However don’t let their maintenance scare you away from owning some of the best home décor investments you could hope to find. Gardening and taking care of plants is no longer a chore thanks to a wide variety of low maintenance greens from Ultima Gardening.

Are you a pet parent looking for pet-friendly options, or do you just want something to purify the air in your home? And hey, if your priority is simply something that looks beautiful and is as low-maintenance as possible for your jet-setting lifestyle, this is just the list for you. There are even tons of options for houseplants that do well in low light, in case you’d like to keep some to decorate your basement or dorm room also when you visit Ultima Gardening

Peace Lily
If you have experience keeping indoor plants alive, it may be time to add a peace lily to your house plant mix. They require just a little bit more TLC—just ensure the soil is moist (not soggy) at all times, and you’ll have beautiful, blooming lilies in no time.

Dracaena Gold Star
Another easy-going, low-maintenance plant, the Dracaena Gold Star can easily adapt to a wide range of low to high light environments. It’s an easy, fun way to dress up that awkward empty corner in your space by literally putting some green life into it.

Rubber Plant
Some people don’t like the boho chic vibe of extremely leafy plants, and if you’re one of them, you’ll love this compact rubber plant. It needs plenty of bright light and likes to have lots of empty space around it, much like some humans we know.

ZZ Plant
The ZZ plant is amazing since its drought tolerant. In some cultures, it’s believed that this plant invites friendship and prosperity to the space it’s in, making it an amazing housewarming gift or then the perfect accompaniment for your own living room too.

Bird’s Nest Fern
You may think you have too many indoor plants till you realize there’s a whole other room that could use some. The uniquely-shaped bird’s nest fern thrives in medium, indirect light and a humid environment, so it’ll thrive next to your shower.

To know more about plants, buying the best greens, plant packs and accessories and of course maintenance contracts do visit Ultima Gardening Website.

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