Top Three Fairy Garden Accessories

Today I was wondering, “What are the top selling fairy garden accessories? What excites gardeners when they start plan

Today I was wondering, “What are the top selling fairy garden accessories? What excites gardeners when they start planning a miniature garden?” From my findings, it is evident that classic accessories are the most popular items that people purchase - from Terra Cotta pots to white wood picket fences. It was interesting to see that countries or states, where a person lived, did not influence the top fairy garden choices. Drum roll – here are the top three fairy garden accessories.

• Terra Cotta Pot
First on the list is the miniature Terra Cotta pot. Whether the garden is life size or tiny, these classic pots are on display in gardens of all proportions. When it comes to the smaller sized garden, miniature plants work best in the little pots. Hen & Chicks or Sempervivum are a good choice, because they need little soil. With over three-thousand cultivars available, there are endless choices of shapes and colors for the time adored Terra Cotta pot.

• Adirondack Chair
Second place is the famous Adirondack Chair. Did you know that Thomas Lee, who wanted a comfortable chair for this family, on his front yard designed and built the sloping back outdoor recliner in 1903? As I look out my cottage window, it makes me smile to see our circle of Adirondack Chairs surrounding the fire pit located on the banks of the river. I am smiling, because I too have selected this famous chair as an accessory for my miniature garden. Mimicking real life, an assortment of three-and-a-half-inch high Adirondack Chairs circles the mini stone fire pit. The two scenes are identical – except for the size and the fact that one of the scenes has fairies sitting on the chairs.

• Vine Twig Bench
The name may be different, but the look is the same. Chairs, made from the branches of Willow Trees, are trendy in the rustic Up North area of Wisconsin. Their miniature counterpart, the Vine Twig Bench, comes in third as the most popular miniature garden accessory. A few years ago, my husband and I, wearing our hiking boots and flannel shirts, adventured into our woodsy area to cut down some willow branches. Through trial and error we sawed, nailed, and designed a willow chair. In our eyes, it was a masterpiece even if the uneven legs wobbled a bit when someone sat on the chair. To my delight, this classic garden accessory is now available in shops for the fairy garden. Since the Vine Twig Bench is made from a natural product, I recommend applying a wood preservative to maintain the wood from drying out.

Natural items topped the list of garden accessories and I have noticed that these three items are popular in real-life gardens. In addition, on the list of favorite miniature accessories, were the little red wagon, gardening tools, white wood picket fences, bridges, and bird houses. Fairy gardens have classic designs, which will keep this hobby a well-liked and admired activity for centuries.

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