Who Created the Fairy Garden of Love?

I get inspired with new fairy garden ideas when I am looking at a new miniature plant, or garden accessory

When garden fairies think about Valentine’s Day, they also think about chocolate hearts, thoughtful gifts, and romantic evenings. When working on your miniature garden, remember to match the holiday theme you are trying to create. It is a thoughtful gift to present your loved ones with miniature accessories, which dress up their fairy gardens in pink and white to match this time of year. Most people think of the infamous love holiday and believe solely a greeting card company started it. However, Valentine’s Day is a day based in history that represents St. Valentine who performed secret marriages going against the Roman Empire. He was man of great conviction and strong beliefs and ultimately lost his life for his rebellion. I like to remember this little bit of history every year, because I am betting he was not very popular for his choices back then. In our current times, St. Valentine is beloved and celebrated. That is why I have never had a problem with passing out valentines or letting my mom draw hearts on my face before school. The lesson I learned from St. Valentine was that you do not have to be popular to know that you are doing something right. After some time passed, he was declared a saint and the day of his death became the day we now exchange love notes.

During this time of year, I like to receive thoughtful presents and usually something I would never think to buy myself. I get inspired with new fairy garden ideas when I am looking at a new miniature plant, or garden accessory. Some of my favorite fairy garden gifts to receive are the fairy houses, because they challenge me to come up with a completely unusual idea based around my newest house. I also cannot help but adore the sweet and simple figurines that represent love, without being super obvious. An example of this would be the ‘blooming heart picks.’ Insert these small picks, with small hearts in the colors of orange, red, and pink, into the soil. They are clearly symbolic of this time of year, but you could easily use these hearts all year round.  Another sweet favorite of mine would be the fairies who look like they are enjoying a casual date together. I see this in ‘Fairy Charlie and Tilly’. They are two fairies dressed up nicely and loving the beautiful weather as they spend the day fishing. Hearts and fairy accessories can add an air of romance to any of your existing miniature gardens or motivate you to create a brand new, love themed, fairy garden.

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