Tell a Fairy Garden Tale Day

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lauren

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lauren who spent her entire childhood and most of her adult life collecting ladybug figurines and decorations for her home. These figurines always reminded her of garden accessories – a fun addition to a green space in the yard. It all started when her grandmother gave her a nickname as a child, and because of that, her house is full of ladybugs. This story makes me wonder if any of you have a favorite collectible. A close family friend of mine collects fairy houses with her daughter, so they can create a fairy neighborhood in their backyard. I would consider them collectors of miniature garden accessories, because she rewards her daughters’ good grades with fairy houses, flower fairies, and miniature plants. She and I were recently discussing how we like to have rare or soon to be discontinued items in our collections.  We both try to snatch these unique finds up before there are not any left to purchase. I love having fairy accessories in my collection that no one else owns. I have plenty of vintage and one-of-a-kind ladybugs around my home that I consider very special to me.

A recent miniature garden example of this would be the flower fairies, inspired by Cicely Mary Barker’s fairy illustrations. These discontinued fairy garden accessories are available in a limited supply before they are gone forever. For a collector like me it is an opportunity that is hard to pass up. When I look through the lists of what fairy figurines are available in the marketplace, I like to start planning my next miniature garden. When I begin building a miniscape I usually select a container, next I decide on the miniature plants, then I pick out my fairy friends, and finally I select a fairy house. Now it is time to choose the fairy accessories. However, when I find a little fairy friend who inspires me I cannot help but start thinking about which story I want to tell based on the miniature fairies I have selected.  Sometimes when creativity strikes, I can go out of order in my process.

My favorite flower fairy piece I have seen recently is “Baby Sweet Pea Fairy” because it is an even more adorable version of a flower fairy. She is a fairy infant and is good way to start creating a little fairy family. Since she is in a sitting position, it would be a good idea to add her to a bench or chair within your fairy garden space. She is a child-like fairy wearing a white bonnet and small pink sundress with her bare feet swinging underneath her. You would want to add additional fairies to build your little fairy family. A fairy who would be a good match would be “Forget-Me-Not Fairy” with her light purple dress and yellow polka dot wings, and a beautiful forget-me-not-flower in her hand. As a final fairy garden idea, add a personal touch by including one of your collectibles, maybe a ladybug. You could easily combine these fairy accessories together, along with another couple of fairies, and create a miniature garden with some real personality. I know when I am looking to select fairies I want items that match each other in their overall look and character. It is easier when you are selecting from within that same product line – so right now is the perfect opportunity to snatch up these flower fairies.

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