Step Into The Fairy Garden World Of Unicorns

The truth about the world of magic and fairies is that every day we learn something new about the mythical universe.

The truth about the world of magic and fairies is that every day we learn something new about the mythical universe.

The truth about the world of magic and fairies is that every day we learn something new about the mythical universe. Even our garden friends were surprised to learn about the existence of unicorns. These powerful horse hybrids were so well hidden in the fairy garden that our mischievous occupants did not know the unicorns were hanging around the miniature plants. On one sunny day while sitting on the stone wall, the trolls were lucky enough to spot the unicorns. Since unicorn sightings are considered something akin to seeing a shooting star, I believe both occurrences are just as powerful, and I feel it is smart to make a wish. So if you are ever lucky enough to see a bright and colorful unicorn within a miniature garden, use that opportunity to close your eyes and silently share your secret desire.

While I was planning a miniature garden, I wanted to add something unique with a unicorn theme. Throughout history, man has believed that the unicorn was an incredibly wild animal that could only be tamed by the purest of souls. It was also theorized that they could turn dirty water clean, and to heal the sick with a single touch of their horn.  These majestic creatures were frequently added to artwork through the ages and they represented purity as well as a strong, silent, and controlled type of power. Since the medieval era, people have spoken of unicorns, and the myth continues throughout history. Believing in unicorns is maintained in today's culture – even in miniature gardening.

A favorite part of creating my fairy garden is to showcase the magical stories and creatures I have learned about in my childhood. I love designing miniature gardens that hold special meanings to me, and I want to look at and appreciate the story behind the garden. With my unicorn garden, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of miniature plants that look like trees to symbolize a forest since these mythological animals are spotted in dense parts of the woodland. I chose to skip the fairy house in this garden since these creatures would not be caught in a populated area. Instead, I opted for a body of water, some trees, additional wildlife, and a garden fairy that walks through the greenery and stumbles upon an unusual one-horned horse.  Playfully the fairy peaked around a tree to spy on this shy unicorn. The scene revealed the surprised look on the fairy's face when she spotted this rare, mystical unicorn. One last gesture for the fairy to complete was to make a celebration wish. It was indeed a fantasy, fairy garden moment.

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