Most Common Gardening Types

For majority of people, gardening is just a hobby while for others it is an internal passion to connect with nature.

When considering gardening to add beauty and vibrancy to their homes, people seek different ways to decorate it according to the size of the area, taste and budget. Well, some try to do it themselves, where they have the flexibility to add their personal taste and creation into it whereas others go for conventional types by hiring a gardener or landscaper. For beginners, it might be quite confusing unless they have some idea about different types of gardening.

Flower Gardens –
Flowers are the most integral part of any garden. Regardless of the location where they are planted, flowers go well with all types of gardens, no matter how big or small the landscape is. Those who are interested in dedicating their entire landscape for flowers, should do some basic planning based on the climate,area, flower types etc. Gardeners generally prefer different flower plants for borders, where they mix blended colors to highlight the area. Since flowers bloom at different times of the year, such as annuals and perennials, it is important to choose the right kind based on your requirement. Some plants will not sustain extreme temperatures such as hot summers or snowy weathers and die as they soon as they are planted. If you want long lasting colors to stay in your garden, try to select the plants that can survive longer in your local area temperatures.

Woodland Gardens –miniature houses
It is one of the most oldest traditional type of informal gardens where the plants are not properly arranged as we generally see in typical conventional types. The theme mostly reflects natural wilderness with native woodland plants largely occupying the entire garden. In fact most of the home owners do not prefer this type because it rarely adds any color to the garden. It is quite suitable for large unused wooded areas where there is a little scope for standard methods of gardening.

Water Gardens –
It is one of the most oldest forms of gardening, which is still popular in some Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia, India etc. The gardens typically contains a pool, pond or water stream where water flowers like lotus, water lily, Thalia etc can be grown in beautiful colors. The type of plants chosen depend on the water temperature & flow, whether it is a still pond or a flowing stream. Water gardens are not feasible for regular houses unless the landscape is very big with some fountain or water pond in the front or back yards. These natural landscapes are mostly seen in public places or large gardens surrounded by huge trees and giant shrubs.

Container Gardens –
It is one of the most popular types as it doesn’t require much land area to plan the trees. Container gardening has its own pros & cons when compared to traditional gardening. Previously, people used to grow only certain type of edible plants in containers. However, now-a-days gardeners are working out different options to get the maximum output with minimum space and resources. It is also called as pot gardening because gardeners use different types and shapes of pots made with different materials such as plastic, terra-cota, concrete, wood etc. Container gardens are simple & easy and doesn’t require much expertise to design it.

The above are some of the most typical gardening types that we commonly see around us. There is no restriction on what type of garden you must choose, as long as it adds beauty & color to your house.

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