Where To Find Inspirations For Fairy Gardens

My next miniature garden planning starts when the upcoming holidays, real-life scenes, and social media inspire me.

My next miniature garden planning starts when the upcoming holidays, real-life scenes, and social media inspire me.

My next miniature garden planning starts when the upcoming holidays, real-life scenes, and social media inspire me. In addition, significant life events and family stories contribute ideas. I may pick a theme, such as life at the lake, for decorating my fairy houses.  Sometimes I do not feel imaginative, and these schemes get my creative juices flowing.  Images of miniature accessories and fairy gardens begin to overwhelm my senses.

If I cannot find a blog post or picture that inspires me, I usually take a whole bunch of ideas and combine them, to design something that is completely my own. That is why I like to familiarize myself with the options that are available in fairy gardening because these inspirations help me move forward during difficult projects.

I follow many social media resources that aim at sharing a variety of fairy garden ideas for various skill levels. I pursue them because every single one of us is guilty of having creative blocks when we want to accomplish a new craft.  Seeking images of other gardeners' work can influence fresh ideas in your mind for planning a miniature garden, and it can give you a “lightbulb moment.” Therefore, search Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google - where creative thinkers and artisans could contribute to your next great idea. Remember if you post your fairy garden, on a social media site, to follow accepted Internet etiquette and give credit to the artists who inspired your design.

Another trick I like to use for gaining inspirations is to look at the online “What’s New” sections of miniature gardening shops. They may also have a “Theme” category for accessories. Those products, which pop into my head while I am digging with my hands in the soil, become a part of my fairy garden.  I also use real-life pictures from magazines and online shops as a jumping off point when creating my next small-scale container.

Miniature accessories are abundant this time of year because of the upcoming holidays, and I enjoy using new fairy garden ideas to decorate my inside space with totally one-of-a-kind miniature gardens that coordinate with each occasion that I treasure. It is, even more, fun as my daughter gets older, and I get to share my love of gardening with her. It is a good tip to remember that some of these tiny products are choking hazards to our little sprouts, so purchase flower fairies and miniature accessories made for children.

Being motivated to design your newest fairy garden transpires from many resources. Adding your thoughts and designs to an initial concept can assist in building a fairy garden that is unique to you.

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