Blobs Bring Smiles To The Miniature Garden

There is something about Blobs that makes people smile. It might be the different sized eyes or the silly grin.

There is something about Blobs that makes people smile. It might be the different sized eyes or the silly grin.

There is something about Blobs that makes people smile. It might be the different sized eyes or the silly grin. If you are seeking a piece of art that has an impact in your miniature garden, then these adorable little Blobhouse Garden Planters are excellent choices. In every fairy garden, you want objects that represent the magical feeling associated with fairies, gnomes, and miniature accessories. I know when I start planning my next miniature garden; I will look forward to selecting some sculptures that are unlike anything I have chosen before.

The creator of Blobhouse is a creative and artistic woman named Gesine Kratzner, who started her design journey in Germany and currently resides in Portland, Oregon after attending school and receiving a Master of Arts degree for animation from the Royal College of Art. It is as if Gesine was destined to design for miniature gardens. She is quoted as saying, “Most of all I like to draw and sculpt squiggly creatures and to dream up small worlds and stories for them to inhabit.” I know that miniature gardeners understand her philosophy, because they are guilty of wanting to tell a story and choosing fairies with personalities to match their world. The Blobs originate from the imagination of this brilliant artist, Gesine.  All of the characters come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Gesine's art ranges from miniature gardening Blob planters to more massive sculptures for life-sized gardens.

Even though each blob is cute and has a huge personality, my personal favorite would have to be the Best Buds Desktop Planter, which shows two Blobs leaning into each other and sharing a friendly smirk. They look mischievous, and I recognize that look from many nights spent on adventures with companions. That crooked smile is one everyone has shared with a best friend. Therefore, the Blobs with their whimsical expressions would be the perfect addition to your next miniature garden or a decorative touch for your desk. Add a succulent to the planter and place them in your miniature garden alongside a fence surrounded by flowers, or on the porches of larger-scaled fairy houses. The best thing about the Blob garden characters is that they add a little extra spark to green spaces in the miniature gardens or provide some humor to a dull, boring office desk.

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