Festive Moroccan Designs In The Fairy Garden

For my miniature fairy garden, I thought it would be fun to follow a new trend that I have seen on social media.

For my miniature fairy garden, I thought it would be fun to follow a new trend that I have seen on social media.

For my miniature fairy garden, I thought it would be fun to follow a new trend that I have seen on social media. The trend I am talking about is an ethnic style with traditional designs that takes its roots from Moorish and Moroccan architecture. Skilled craftspeople create richly colored pieces of art that are reproduced in the world of miniature gardening. The intricate and bold Moroccan patterns make a cute addition to my miniature fairy garden.

I spotted the set of four colorful Moroccan Rosette Planters at a miniature gardening online shop. The hand-painted containers come in geometric patterns, and their square shape is big enough to house one miniature plant. They are perfect for windowsills, fireplace mantles, and bookshelves that have natural light shining on them. I am also guilty of using planters, filled with greenery and flowers, to expand the size of my tiny fairy gardens. When I am feeling ambitious, I place the dramatic colored pots near fairy houses or nestle the traditionally designed containers along a fence that wraps around a cottage.

When selecting miniature accessories that complement the Moroccan style, I try to choose a fairy house that has a Mediterranean design, such as the two-story Highlands Buttercup Cottage made of Hypertufa. This material, if placed in the shade, allows moss to grow on the walls and roof. Flanking the cottage with two dramatic Moroccan planters gives the simple house tons of personality. To add another splash of Moroccan style to my miniature fairy garden, I wanted to have a grand welcome for fairies visiting the fairy house. My thought was to place a classic, traditional looking lantern on the pathway. I purchased the Cement Lamp Post and sitting on top of the sturdy post is a bronze lantern with a candle inside. The lantern, which complements the Moroccan theme, also offers an illusion that the candle will shine when Flower Fairies come to visit.

When you are choosing a theme or a style to enhance your miniature garden, remember you can always use colorful Moroccan hand-painted pieces to spice up the mini scape. Consider using solid-colored miniature accessories or fairy houses as a backdrop for the planters and watch their geometric design pop.

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