Control the Light

There’s nothing like having the sun’s natural light fill up your room with bright warmth.

It’s simply fantastic. But, sometimes you want to tone it down or turn it off. Maybe take a nap. Bamboo shades and honeycomb archshades and blinds provide the control you need.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are an ideal option for virtually any home and room. They’re extremely durable. It takes a panda bear forever to chew on a piece of bamboo (not that a panda bear is ever going to chew on your blinds, but you get the point). Bamboo is also an abundant and sustainable material, so it’s extremely inexpensive, so you can afford to put bamboo shades in numerous or all of your rooms. And, while bamboo shades block light and provide privacy, they still let you enjoy just a touch of the sun’s stunning glow. 

Honeycomb Arch Shades and Blinds

Honeycomb arch shades and blinds control light and add a modern, classy appeal to curve topped windows from both the inside and out. They provide harmony to your homes’ exterior, help control sunlight, and offer insulation from heat and cold. is the leading online seller of premium custom-made window blinds, shades, drapery, and shutters. It offers a wide assortment,affordability, and beautiful window coverings in an array of designs, textures, and colors. Because’s goal is complete customer satisfaction, it constructs its merchandise with the finest quality workmanship and the finest quality textiles.

Bamboo Shades’s natural woven bamboo shades are handmade in its workrooms.  A matching valance adds sophistication, as well as control. 

Its five groups of bamboo shades offer exceptional tropical allure and invite nature’s beauty inside, all while protecting your home from weather extremes, be it hot or cold. In addition to bamboo, they’re also made of rattan, reeds, jutes, and wood. They raise and lower easily with the use of a pull cord and when raised, gather nicely into a Roman style shade.

Bamboo shades are available in an assortment of wood colors and stains, as well as a range of edge binding colors.

Honeycomb Arch Shades And Blinds’s honeycomb arch shades and blinds fashionably fit almost any arched window. They’re available in a many colors, from pale neutrals to deep, rich tones. It also offers a perfect faux wood arch. now offers a Honeycomb arch shade that opens and closes with optional power. It’s available for both large half circle windows and No large quarter circle windows.

If you're looking for inexpensive, high quality window coverings, simply go to or call 301-847-7000 today. Your’s window covering will be tailor made and shipped within three days.

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