What Are The Merits And Demerits Of Wooden Venetian Blinds?

The pros and cons associated with venetian blinds are discussed below.

Wooden venetian blinds are considered as one of the most popular window treatments. When you consider buying wooden venetian blinds online, remember that they bring lots of advantages to your space. At the same time, just like any other product, they suffer some pitfalls too.


- Wooden venetian blinds become a part of your home structure because of their “built-in” look. They add style and elegance to almost any types of windows and are perfect for the rooms that lack anything of architectural value. 

- In the initial days, options available for wooden blinds are low and people find it difficult to match them with the rest of their home décor. Fortunately, wooden venetian blinds now come in a variety of designs and you get to choose from different levels of varnish and stains available. 

- They are relatively easy to redecorate. If you are remodelling a room, you can just re-varnish the wooden blinds to alter the way they look. 

- Most blinds need to be raised to allow light inside the room and thus you might lose your much needed privacy. Wooden venetian blinds on the other hand, would allow the passage of light even when the slats are tilted downwards. 

- Wood is a natural material. Therefore, wooden venetian blinds are more eco-friendly. 


- Wooden blinds are costly when compared to other materials like metal, plastic, faux wood etc. At times, you need to pay twice the rate of plastic or aluminium blinds. 

- They are easily affected by moisture and humidity. The wood would draw in the moisture present in the room and get warped over time. Hence, wooden venetian blinds are not recommended for wet areas such as bathroom, laundry space or anywhere inhabited by children or pets. 

- Wood weighs more and this increases the difficulty of installing the blinds. If they are installed on larger windows, it becomes too heavy to raise/lower and the stress could break the inner cord. 

- They are prone to dust but luckily it is easy to clean wooden blinds. 

So, evaluate your needs and then determine whether to buy venetian blinds online. 

The author is a professional blinds installer. He writes blogs about venetian blinds, installation and maintenance of blinds. He recommends super blinds mart to buy blinds online. To know more, visit www.superblindsmart.com.au.

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