Cleaning Your Wooden Venetians The Easy Way

Wooden Venetians are a popular addition to many homes but like any window covering, they do accumulate dust and dirt.

At North Coast Blinds & Security, we use a few easy cleaning tips and tricks that help keep wooden venetians looking good.

Unlike other venetians, wooden venetiansneed to be cleaned in a certain way to protect them from damage and ensure their longevity.

If you can't reach the top of your blinds or window coverings using a step ladder, get some help to remove them and lay them on an old sheet so that you can clean them with base.

Step 1:

Check the roman blinds sunshine coast to see if there are any spots or stains and then remove those stains by gently rubbing a paper towel on the affected area. If difficult to remove then you should use a wood cleaner first. Dab the wood cleaner on a soft cloth and wipe off the stain.

Step 2:

When cleaning your wooden venetians, close the blinds to make them flat and dust them with a light feather, microfibre or wool duster. While dusting, brush downwards rather than upwards, to protect the slats from becoming loose. You can use a vacuum cleaner but make sure you use a soft brush attachment only to avoid any damage to your blinds.

Step 3:

Wipe each slat with a soft dry cloth or employ the simple trick of wearing a pair of cotton gloves or old socks and run your hand across each slat.

Step 4:

After cleaning along one side of the slat, turn the slat to clean the other side too.

How often you clean your blinds by following the above steps really depends on how dirty they get, but a regular dust once a week will help keep most of the dust and dirt away!

Also, there's a couple of "don'ts to remember when cleaning your roller blinds which can help make all the difference to how they are looking:

  • Do not clean wooden blinds by putting them in water as wood absorbs moisture. For sticky and stubborn stains, you may use a slightly damp (not wet) cloth, though.
  • Avoid using detergents, as excess moisture and chemicals can stain or even warp the wood.

To discuss getting wooden venetians installed in your home, call us today at North Coast Blinds & Security on 5456 2199.

We can come out to your home to measure up the areas where you are wanting venetians installed and provide a quote for the job … all for free!

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