What Makes Hd Cctv Cameras Better Than Standard Cameras

Security surveillance cameras can be handy in deterring crime.

In case a crime does occur, they serve as a trusty witness that can help you and the authorities identify the people involved. However, it can be frustrating to view low-quality footage that make it harder to identify faces—which is what happens when you use standard cameras. You can avoid this problem by investing in HD CCTV cameras. Worried about costs? Don’t be. HD CCTV cameras have become accessible and available even for residential and small business use. High-definition CCTV cameras have a 1080p video resolution that can provide clearer images than what traditional analog cameras can produce. Here are some points that make them better than standard cameras: 

  • Superior image quality – The biggest advantage of an HD CCTV camera is the higher resolution that it has. So, images are clearer and crisper compared to what standard cameras can produce. The high resolution can be retained by your NVR, too. This means that the images will remain detailed whether viewed live or in playback. You can take stills, too.
  • Versatility – HD CCTV cameras are versatile and can be used in many different applications, whether for outdoor or indoor settings. 
  • Clearer footage and images for easy facial recognition – The cameras provide images that are highly detailed compared to what an analog CCTV can produce. When you zoom in at the subject’s face, it will be easier to identify more distinct features captured by the high-definition camera due to its higher resolution. 
  • Ideal with HD IP video systems – HD CCTV cameras are a great match to HD IP video surveillance systems, so they should make it easier to upgrade to IP cameras. They are reliable and can run all the time without their quality getting reduced, even when you need to view footage remotely. 
  • Better for live viewing – HD CCTV cameras let you view clearer and better images in real-time, so you can easily observe what is happening in your household or business. This can be beneficial if you want a quicker means to identify any threats when they are happening in real-time, especially in low light conditions. Some cameras maintain clearer images, even on night vision mode.

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