The Features Of Loft Interior You Need To Know When Designing Your Apartment Interior

The loft style is gaining more and more popularity, despite the fact that for many people it is still incomprehensible.

The loft style is gaining more and more popularity, despite the fact that for many people it is still incomprehensible. It has rather deep roots and every day it receives more and more additions and becomes more modern. The owners of apartments with a large area, not burdened with partitions, often decorate the interior in the loft style.

The loft style is ideal for rooms with an area of one hundred square meters or more but is often used in the design of small living spaces. The main characteristic features of the loft style were determined directly by its origin. Previously, the unusual word "loft" was used to refer to living quarters that took place in factories. That is why even today, in an apartment decorated in this way, you can see the features of something industrial, ancient and creative at the same time.

The history of loft

The history of loft begins back in the forties, when industrial-type enterprises from the city center moved outside the city, to places suitable for industrial zones. The vacated premises were sold for housing. Of course, in order for an industrial facility to become livable, it was necessary to make a lot of changes in the layout, but the main characteristic features of the original premises remained unchanged.

This style has an industrial character. Today, the loft is equipped with the most advanced technologies, keeping the American features in the design. You can see them in any little detail, from colors to finishing materials.

Features of the layout

Loft implies a complete absence of partitions. Special effects are applied to zoning the space. These include both lighting design and differences in the decoration of each zone. Accessories, as well as a different color range of textiles, will help complete the design. Of course, there are areas that need to be equipped with walls and partitions(bathroom). But instead of walls, you can limit yourself to arranging a shower, which will take the role of a partition.

A loft-style apartment is characterized by the use of built-in wardrobes, bedside tables, and even beds. At first glance, this is just a cube built into the wall, but when disassembled, it includes shelves, a wardrobe, a bed, and a lot of other various stuff. These are great options to save space in a small loft.

Besides, you can use mobile partitions. They fold, unfold and transform at will. They are convenient for fencing the sleeping area from the kitchen. In addition, shelving can be used for visual zoning. 

Windows design features

Big panoramic windows and glass partition walls for home are often used in the loft style. The use of various decor, including curtains, is prohibited. For protection from the sun, you can use blinds of metallic or neutral colors. For such a non-standard design, the presence of characteristic details that create the atmosphere of a loft is very important. These details include:

- Open pipes around the entire apartment

- Uncovered brick wall

- Partitions with glass inserts

- Metal stove for apartment heating


The ideas for interior design finishing in the loft style are limited by certain criteria. The floors in the apartment can be concrete, as this is very typical for an industrial facility. But in everyday life, this causes some discomfort, which is why designers often recommend finishing floors with wooden boards, stone, or ceramic tiles. The use of parquet and laminate is unacceptable.

In most cases, the walls are left unfinished, because brickwork or concrete are key features of a loft style. Concrete walls should be coated with paint or clear varnish. The use of wallpaper in the loft is not permitted. To decorate the walls of your apartment you can use wood or metal panels. These materials can be used for cladding one of the zones or as inserts through the whole apartment. 


Choosing a color palette for your apartment in the loft style depends directly on the preferences of the owner. This style is characterized by the use of colors of the main materials like brick, wood, concrete, and metal. Generally, calm colors like black, brown, and white are suitable for decorating a loft.

For large and spacious rooms, you can use bright accents like multi-colored graffiti on the walls, colored textiles, carpets, and huge chandeliers.


A classic loft always has high ceilings. Their height should be enough to equip the second level of the apartment. Usually, it is used as a place to rest and sleep. Besides, on the second level, you can place a bath or shower. 

You should carefully consider the choice of lighting since modern lamps will not match the overall picture of the room. Edison's garlands, consisting of ordinary incandescent lamps, will fit the loft interior perfectly. You can also use special metal chandeliers, which do not hide lamps and wires.

The bottom line 

Designing the apartment in the loft style is a difficult, but very exciting activity. With the right approach and compliance with the basic criteria, the decorated apartment will look great for many years.

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