Finding The Right Bathroom Fittings

Another certain area where quality matters is when it comes to the wall and floor tiles, and it is not just the tiles

As with any product you purchase for your home there is a wide variety of choice: choice in styles and, of course, in quality. And the bathroom products and fixtures that you choose are no different. There are myriad sites selling a range of goods; many purporting to be likewise as high end designer items for less money. Some of them are the same high end designer goods for less money really! Then there are DIY stores selling reasonably inexpensive items but that lack any real design flair right through to the designer restroom showrooms where both quality and design are available, albeit for a high price.

With all this choice it is not surprising that many of us come across it hard to make a decision, particularly if certain inexpensive items, on the facial skin of it, look much the same as other, more expensive items. Is expensive necessarily better, we might wonder, but on the other hand shall the cheap products stand the test of time? Were they produced in high-tech factories with rigid quality control or produced in a dated factory with minimal quality control? And how can you tell just by looking at an item? If you are looking for Sanitary Fittings Brands and Wall Hung Washbasin this will help you. 

Well, here are some tips to assist you make a judgement for yourself and not just rely on the website, brochure or salesman:

Compare Weights 

High quality ceramics are heavier than lower quality items (and of course, check that it is ceramic) so compare the weight of comparable basins and WCs.

Check Your Whites 

Firstly, always buy a basin and WC from the same manufacturer simply because different manufacturers have different color whites (believe it or not)and the purer the white the better the quality. If you are having white tiles also, especially those lovely, high gloss white porcelain tiles then check the sanitary ware whitened is the same as the tile white.

Spend money on Taps and Shower Valves 

If you are trying to minimize your budget there is one area that is not worth slicing corners and that is on your taps and shower valves. They take plenty of pounding in an average bathroom so make sure you buy the best quality you can afford. Avoid being seduced by cheap bargains; they may look just as good on the outside nonetheless it is the inner working parts that will cause difficulties on the cheaper versions.

Floor and Walls Tiles Matter 

Another certain area where quality matters is when it comes to the wall and floor tiles, and it is not just the tiles but additionally, the quality of the products used to install them. The adhesive should be appropriate for the pounds of the tiles and the substrate onto which they are being installed; and the grout, it goes without saying, must be waterproof in the shower area and for the floor tiles. Whilst ceramic tiles remain a good option for those on a budget, porcelain tiles are much more durable and will look better for much longer. Confusingly tiles are not always clearly labelled so double check if they are ceramic or porcelain tiles before you decide which ones to buy.

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