Welcoming Colors Of The Year In The Fairy Garden

As the snow was falling outside my living room window and my daughter was taking a nap, I decided to curl up

As the snow was falling outside my living room window and my daughter was taking a nap, I decided to curl up

As the snow was falling outside my living room window and my daughter was taking a nap, I decided to curl up on the couch beside my dogs, Chip and Sawyer. A decorating magazine in hand, I began flipping through the pages to find articles and pictures revealing the current color trends (a guilty pleasure of mine). I read that Pantone selected Ultra-Violet as the visionary color of the year. Is it a coincidence that I see these colors on a bunch of miniature accessories, such as the same eye-catching hue found on the Enchanted Garden Potting House? It did not take long before I was on my computer matching up the 2018 color trends with charming fairy garden accessories.

A chip of an almond paint color reminded me of a quaint fairy house called, the Mini Hollybrook Cottage. My mind wandered as I thought about miniature gardening projects. At my parent’s house, there is a huge oak tree, which shades much of the backyard. I think it is time to add a fairy garden tucked under this particular tree, with an almond-colored fairy house. It will be the perfect decision to add a little garden since the miniature accessories would bring smiles to the grandchildren born this year. Now my mind was spinning. What other 2018 decorating color trends could I use in this miniature garden?

There was a color called, Blooming Dahlia. A rich, coral color in peachy tones that reminded me of my travels to Florida. Once again, I sought out miniature accessories in hopes of discovering a mini matching the latest trend. There it was – a wheelbarrow filled with coral-colored roses and lush green moss. I could visualize the mix of rusty metal and silky blooms bringing a distinct color scheme to the fairy garden. Would I have time to find one more trend before naptime was over?

Yes. I found a Southwestern theme when I discovered colors with names of cherry tomato, yellow meadowlark, and reflecting pool. It did not take long before I located three bright-colored flowerpots that matched these three trends. Even though the pots have a simple shape, the vibrant colors would bring life and crispness to the patios of fairy houses. Visualizing succulents in shades of spring-spiced apple filling the miniature containers, I decided Borealis Red, a Hen and Chicks, would be an appealing choice and would reflect this Southwestern color palette to the mini fairy garden.

In sharp contrast to the bright, colorful Southwestern colors, one Pantone hue called, sailor blue stood out to me. The tone is dark, almost black, but the deepness of the shade makes a statement when used as a backdrop to a design. Decorating magazines are challenging their readers to use black and navy on the walls with white trim around the windows. Consider this same idea for fairy gardens, by planting Platt’s Blass Brass Buttons behind the almond stucco siding of a cottage. The effect would be stunning.

I can hear my little one waking up. My dreams of color have me thinking of spring and planning a miniature garden for my parent’s yard. I hope that in a couple of months, all fellow gardeners will be busy creating their fairy gardens with the latest color trends.

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