Alligator Decoys In A Nutshell

Backyard pests can cause a ton of damage and stress. An alligator decoy can help stop them quickly and humanely.

Backyard pests can cause a ton of damage and stress. An alligator decoy can help stop them quickly and humanely.

There are many pests which would love nothing more than to have their fun in your pool or pond. Of course that means at the expense of your time and hard earned cash. Fortunately with the help of an alligator decoy you can keep them out and as far away as possible.

What Are They?

Alligator decoys are basically fake floating gators. Decoys can actually be so realistic that even from a few feet away it can be hard to tell if they’re real or not.  They are made to float so that when placed in water they can move on their own. When pushed by the current or wind it appears as if they’re really prowling the water.

Best Locations To Use Them

While most other types of decoys are used on land, gators are used in the water. This is because alligators are of course water-based predators. For this reason they work best in ponds, lakes, and also swimming pools. Many people even use them in their hot tubs too.  

Keep These Pests Away

You may be wondering what type of pests a gator will work for, and there are many. However the most common backyard pests they are used for are waterfowl and also raccoons. Geese and ducks can make a mess of lawns and water when they land to take a swim. Without a decoy this can be a daily problem that wastes a ton of time and causes a lot of stress.

Raccoons can be extremely messy too. But they are also well-known for consuming as many pond fish as possible on their nightly visits.  A habit of course that can quickly be stopped with the help of a hungry looking floating alligator decoy.

Different Types For Different Needs

There are a handful of different decoy types to make sure that consumers find something that fits their needs and preferences. If you’d like to make as a big an impact as possible a full body alligator might be the best option. 

If you have limited space you may want to consider one that is just a head without a body. And for maximum nighttime effect a floating LED gator decoy that has glowing eyes will make sure it’s clearly seen by all nocturnal pests.

An alligator decoy may not be the first option that comes to mind when you think of pest control, but it is an extremely effective one. With your very own toothy reptile always on watch, you can be sure your pool or pond will stay just how you left it.

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Alligator Decoys In A Nutshell

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