Why WordPress has Edge over Other CMSs

So, these are some important points that make WordPress more popular and powerful CMS rather than other CMSs.

Over 16 million (and rising) live websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. No other CMS can claim even half of that market share. The closes any CMS comes is less than 1/10th of WordPress’ share.

But this post isn’t to brag about WordPress’ awe-inducing numbers.

This post is to shed light on why it’s better than others. Sounds narcissist? Not if I’m right.

Here’s the proof:

• No Coding Necessary

WordPress has WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors. With Visual composer included themes, along with the default Customize, you don’t have to know your way through programming languages to be able to successfully setup and manage a website/blog.

The only vocab you have to learn is extremely easy and self-explanatory (when you stop and think about it): User Roles and Capabilities, Core Updates, Permalink settings, Post types, Plugins vs. Widgets, etc. are easy to get a hang of, especially compared to other CMSs.

• WordPress is Variety

This is the biggest plus in WordPress’ favor.

Since the CMS is so widely used, thousands of developers make their living through it. These developers design and code the most fantastic of themes and plugins, all of which are available for sale (and sometimes free).

No other CMS can boast of such a large collection of available themes and plugins (in official repositories or commercial marketplaces).

WordPress is extremely flexible and developers know it. This is why it’s so easy to find readymade themes and plugins anywhere.

• Easy SEO

Matt Cutts (former Google’s whiz and current search-engine genius) has sung praises for WordPress’ inherent SEO capabilities since 2009. He believes, and I quote, “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of all SEO requirements.”

That’s solid praise coming from a highly-regarded search-engine genius like Cutts.
Out of the box, WordPress packs clean code and semantic structures that give complete visibility to your content for sake of search bots. Add in some specialized SEO suites like Yoast or All in One SEO pack, and you have a veritable army of features you

can fine tune for great online success.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other CEO which makes it this easy.

• World Wide Community

When you run into one situation on WordPress, odds are good that there are thousands other who have been there and done that.

WordPress is known for its huge community of users, developers, fans and fanatics. We work together to improve the platform (Make WordPress), create ever-awesome themes and plugins, and of course, lend a helping hand.

You’ll find resources, the Codex, the happy-to-help developers and contributors on WordPress own support forums, and thousands of developers for hire. There’s no way your problem will be left unresolved if you ask for help.

No other CMS is as well-covered or written-about as WordPress. Look it up on any search engine and see for yourself.

There’s more…

It’s probably just the numbers, but when organizations like Walt Disney, BBC America, CNN, Sony Music, and thousands of businesses of all scales have their websites powered by WordPress, they must be on to something.


There are no flashy features which make WordPress special. There’s only the user-friendliness quota, which make you feel special as you accomplish tasks in minutes on WordPress which would have taken hours elsewhere. And if common themes and plugins aren’t quite up your ally, look around for competent custom WordPress development services to get truly marvelous bespoke solutions created for you.

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