6 SEO Methods To Maximize your Business during Holidays

Following 6 SEO methods will show you how to increase your visibility and be more profitable before the year ends.

The winter holiday period is known for bringing the largest number of sales for businesses around the world because people are more willing to spend now than during the rest of the year. So, what is the biggest challenge in this case? You need to be seen by all the people that are looking to make a purchase online. There are so many fervent shoppers out there during the shopping period before the winter holidays arrive that you must maximize your chances to making sales.

So there must be some Internet marketing strategies and tactics, hence the following 6 SEO methods will show you how to increase your visibility and be more profitable before the year ends.

1. The anchor text must be optimized

Have in mind that Google uses this anchor text to see what your page is all about. So, if you want to be mentioned among relevant results on Google inquiries, you need to do something about this anchor text. You don’t need to do it all over again, just use keywords with a high relevance for your business. So make sure you have done the search engine optimisation part precisely.

2. You need to have a My Business account on Google

If you didn’t know until today, Google My Business will make you visible in the local search pack displayed by Google, on top of organic listings. So if you don’t have such an account, make one now.

3. Do all the fixing needed to local listings

The details of your listings, like name, phone number, and address, must appear as consistent and constant information online. So, check it and make sure everything is accurate and that there are no mistakes. Also, do have in mind to update it when necessary and everywhere it is displayed. Yourestatus.com is a new online business listing directory, you can list or claim your business there too.

4. Find a better use of the content that already exists

Google loves fresh content, but it is time-consuming to start all over again. Instead, you can do something else, and re-use or re-invent the content you already have. Find that content that delivered great results, give it a fresh twist, and use it again. Also, you can turn blog posts that were very appreciated into fun infographics. This way, you won’t spend too much time creating brand new content right now. You can also hire an internet marketing agency in a Winnipeg area for betterment.

5. Make your site mobile-friendly

You should be aware that you may be punished by Google with a low ranking if your business site is not mobile-friendly already. But, putting this risk aside, you should do this step for the sake of reaching more clients. More than half of the people that use the Internet prefer using their mobile devices to look for what they need. If they end up on a site that is not mobile-friendly, be sure that they won’t spend their time there, because navigation is difficult on mobile devices. So, become mobile-friendly, in order to be closer to your customers.

6. Make sure there is no duplicate content

You risk a severe punishment from Google if you have web pages with copied content. It doesn’t matter if you just copied the content from one of your pages onto another page on the same site, or if you actually copied the content of others because it is as severe in both cases. Use Copyscape or Plagiarism checker to see if there are any problems on your site, as these free tools will help you spot any copied or duplicated content.

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