A Must-Have Checklist for On-Page SEO

You will need SEO services because building a site does not mean that your work is done and get good rankings.

Having a web page is a must if you want to make people see you exist. Whether you have a business, a brand to promote, an activity that may help others, or you are looking to sell products and services, an online presence is part of today’s business and marketing strategies. SEO services are needed because building a site does not mean that your work is done and visitors will start flooding in. You still need to convince search engines that your site is worthy of their attention, so they can reward you with better ranks and make you visible on the Internet. 

For this, you need the help of SEO services. Digital marketing cannot exist without SEO, as it is one of the most elementary strategies every site owner should have. On-page SEO makes reference to those improvements you can make directly on the site, which will influence the way search engines will see it. So, you may want to go through the following checklist.

1. The most important keywords should exist in your Meta title

The Meta title is like the business card of your site. It tells search engines what your site contains, this is why it should include the most important and relevant keywords for your site. Keep your Meta title in the 65-70 character range and include the keywords in the beginning.

2. The Meta descriptions should have the maximum number of characters

Take full advantage of the 156 characters allowed for Meta descriptions and try to provide visitors a clear overview about what your page contains. Also, use relevant keywords and even a call-to-action if you can.

3. The structure of the URL must contain keywords and be concise

Keep the URL as short and possible and make sure to include keywords in it. Ideally, it should point out towards the information hierarchy on the page and not contain any codes or numbers. 

4. Include keywords in the body tags

The body tags are seen as headings, so the presence of keywords is important in their case as well. Besides keywords, these body tags mentioned according to their importance from H1 to H6 should be used to divide the page’s content in a logical and organized manner.

5. Content must contain keywords and should be fresh and original

The content on your page plays an important role in getting higher ranks, so make sure it is useful, it is suitable for your domain of activity, and, above all, it is fresh and original. And, of course, do not forget to add keywords into it.

6. Use high-quality and effective images

Besides written content, images are very important as well. People will choose to spend more time on your page if they find visual content, such as high-quality images, videos, photos, even charts or diagrams. This is why social media marketing is probably one of the most effects in present days.

7. Make use or internal linking

Internal linking, which makes sure that all your pages are connected with each other, is also an effective way of helping your search engine optimization. The minimum number of internal links on every page is two and the maximum is four or five. So use this strategy to increase your site’s visibility.

8. Loading speed should be under 5 seconds

If your page will take too much to load, no one will ever have the patience needed to wait for it to open. The ideal waiting time is less than 5 or 4 seconds, anything that is above it can really test the patience of a user. So do your best to make your page load very fast, both for search engines and for the satisfaction of your visitors.

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