Mistakes to Avoid while Building Links

One of the most important aspect in Digital marketing is building quality links to make content stand out.

One of the most important aspect in Digital marketing is building quality links to make content stand out and send organic traffic to the website. In recent years, many other core components of online marketing have gained prominence but still the practice of targeting links to the website has never lost its importance in ranking. Now-a-days every business owner having an online website knows how essential it is to have a good digital marketing service provider who can support their websites with best SEO strategies. There is nothing to get confused with the word 'quality link building' because it is how the search engines assess the quality of your website and give rankings, by listing the best sites at the top. Things have become lot more complex in link building than it used to be in previous years, as much importance is now being given to value or quality of the links that are coming from good websites rather than the total number of links.

There are certain methodologies to follow in this process and any mistakes while targeting the links may give adverse effects. Here are some basic mistakes that people would commonly do which may lead to negative results.

Avoid building too many links too fast
If you are really in a hurry to build a link portfolio for your website then avoid firing off too many links in a day or even in a week. This would not only look unnatural but can affect your traffic and website ranking. No matter whether you are doing it on your own or outsourcing it to some other company, make sure to build links slowly and spread them out over time. However, the real question arises – How many links are considered as too many? Well there is no specific limit to restrain it but in general, keeping it less than 100 for each page has become a reasonable standard for many websites.

Excess optimizing the anchor text
Anchor text is generally defined as the clickable content in the hyperlink. The words or text used in the anchor text will help search engines to determine the topic of a web page. Excessively optimizing the same anchor text for chosen keywords looks unnatural and works as an indicator for google to consider it as spam. It is always better to have your links associated with relevant content rather than overly focusing on the specific keyword phrases.

Understand the relevancy
One of the essential aspects of link building is focusing on the quality rather than counting on the numbers. That means it makes no sense if you submit guest blogs to the sites that are irrelevant to what you are doing. In other words, there is no point in commenting or posting a blog on the cosmetic website when you are into real estate business. Make sure to gain links from relevant and trusted domains that carry real value.

Balance the link portfolio
A well structured natural portfolio contains balanced profile with both ‘do follow’ and ‘no follow’ links. Even though nofollow do not influence much in search engine rankings they still are worth in providing valuable referral traffic. Seeking the natural authoritative links is the best practice to build good SEO startegy. In addition to getting dofollow, try to get some nofollow links too to make them look natural and unspammy.

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