10 Promising Tools For Seo Competitor Analysis

Check the best tools for SEO competitor analysis.

Check the best tools for SEO competitor analysis.

Competitor Analysis Tools to Increase Website Traffic

It’s always important to have a close eye your competitors no matter which field you are working on. In the case of websites, this rule is even more relevant. It’s important to understand more about competing sites and analyze their performance compared to yours. For this, various competitor analysis tools are available which you can use. Competitor analysis tools give a clear picture of the search competitiveness of your website compared to a competing website. This comparison is done by taking various SEO factors into consideration. The way these competitor analysis tools work is that when you give the URL of your website and a keyword, the tool will provide an SEO comparison report. This report includes an analysis of how well your website is search friendly for the given keyword against the competing website. In fact, the comparison can include page size, link popularity, flash usage and certain recommendations for each SEO factors and suggestions on improving them. Competitor analysis tools can help you see where you are lacking and where you are ahead. They can be a great help in your pursuit for bettering your search ranking. Here, let’s take a look at the different competitor analysis tools that are available to help boost the competitiveness of your website.

1. Alexa

Alexa is a brilliant tool available that you can use to track traffic in your’s and your competitor’s website. This tool offered by Amazon offers features like competitor keyword matrix which shows you the keywords that give good traffic for rival websites. This lets you get an idea of the keywords that you may be missing out and spot the current trend. Alexa lets you compare SEO keywords of up to 10 sites and see which of your competitors have the best keyword profile.

Alexa provides options to find backlinks that are working well for rival websites. It also provides you with a checklist and easy to follow instructions to improve the SEO ranking of your website.

2. SpyFu

This tool list out the keywords targeted by your competing websites in organic search and paid keywords. Using SpyFU, when you search for any website, you can view all the organic rank, the keywords they have bought as Adwords in the last 11 years.

SpyFu can help you to increase your website traffic substantially with their smart recommendations and help you make better your SEO rank.

3. Ispionage

Ispionage is another cool one among competitor analysis tools and it lets you get an idea of the best keywords for organic and PPC used by competitors. Ispionage also gives you details about how much-competing websites spend on both. At the same time, it provides you with comparison graphs that are easily understandable.

Ispoinage also lets you understand how competitors group their keywords, ads, and landing pages. They also provide a proprietary keyword effectiveness index which lets you spot the most profitable keywords of your competitors.

4. Ahrefs

This competitor analysis tool shows you the exact keywords that your competitors are ranking for search results and also get an idea about how much traffic this brings to them. The content gap feature provided by aherfs shows the keywords that they rank high but you don’t.

5. Monitor Backlinks

As their tagline says, monitor backlinks are ‘the easiest way to analyze your bad links and your competitor’s good links’. This, in fact, is true even though this is a relatively new service provider in the SEO arena.

Monitor Backlinks help you to find new links to your competitor websites and spot the good and bad ones among them. You can review your current strategy and come up with a new marketing strategy based on this.

They also provide a cool option to connect with your Google Analytics account and get alerts through email whenever your website earns or loses backlinks.

6. Napoleon Cat

If your pursuit is in outperforming competitors in social media, Napoleon cat can be your best companion. This awesome tool provides you with in-depth analytics for popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube. The service that Napoleon cat offers is quite efficient for analyzing follower growth, engagement, post engagement, interactions, reactions (for Facebook) and spot the most active followers and their posts. You can check all these details for any public profile in the above-mentioned platform. Analyzing them will give you a proper insight on what your profile/page lacks to get such following.

7. Moat

Moat is the competitor analysis tools available for the advertising industry. You can check which ads are used by which websites. This can give you an overview of ads used by top brands. Moat also provides a guide on correct ad placement and allows you to view position and size of ads recently used by any website so that you have no trouble thinking where to place your own ads.

8. SE Ranking

SE ranking gives you an insight of real-time positions of your website’s keywords in all popular search engines. It also allows tracking rankings on an international or local level. SE Ranking provides a deep analysis of how your competitors are doing. Monitoring backlinks are also easy using this competitor analysis tool. It can help give a lift to your search ranking and allow you to spot vulnerabilities.

9. Quick Sprout

Quick sprout is a good SEO tool to increase traffic. It connects to your Google Analytics account to analyze your web traffic and gives you alerts whenever there are website improvements that you need to make to improve traffic.

10. Quant Cast

Quant cast is a unique tool that lets you know more about your audience rather than competing sites. It gives you details like demographics, interests, lifestyle etc of the audience. For the success of your digital content, it’s important to know your audience up close. The more you know about them, the better content you can create targeting them. Quant Cast tracks data of the visitors if a tag is placed on each page of your site. The data collected about the audience can be found on the dashboard. It would take about 1 to 2 days to get a real picture.

Quant Cast provides traffic data, demographics which surprisingly includes age, gender, family, ethnicity, income, education, and even political affiliation. You can also know the interests of your audience, what they like to spend time on and their shopping interests. This service is also available for mobile apps.

Final Note

We have seen the different competitor analysis tools that are handy for improving traffic in your website. If you have any doubts regarding this topic, get in touch with our professional team at Dotz Web Technologies, one of the best SEO company in Kochi, Kerala, India. We among the prime Web Development Company in Kerala and we provide high-quality service in web designing and development.

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