Content Is The King Of Seo. Truth Or Myth?

Content is the King for SEO?? What do you think is it a truth or myth? Read the article to know more.

Content is the King for SEO?? What do you think is it a truth or myth? Read the article to know more.

For any website to flourish in the long run, it is extremely vital for the developers to work meritoriously on providing SEO optimized content. SEO or Search Engine Optimization decide how easily search engines can find your website and the ranking it has on the list of websites displayed by these search engines. This, in turn, affects how easily people can find your website.

When the concept of SEO was initially introduced, several websites attracted followers by simply using an abundance of keywords. They introduced keywords to such an extent that many a time it didn’t even make any sense. The quality of the content was not given its due importance and nobody really checked whether or not the keywords mentioned was even useful for the readers. SEO is done mechanically and is an automated process- it ranks your website based on whether or not it has a high number of keywords and is not based upon whether those keywords have been used in the right context or not.

However, this strategy doesn’t work any longer. In today’s fast pacing world, readers do not have ample time to go through an article and pick out the points that they find relevant. They want information crisp and ready, on the tip of their fingers. And the most important requirement is that the content must be new and vibrant and not some repeated chunk of meaningless sentences.

Thus, it’s not too hard to conclude that when it comes to SEO, Content is King.

Your content should still have keywords if it wants a good ranking but that doesn’t mean you can just senselessly type the same words over and over again. Neither will your readers tolerate it and after a while, nor will the search engines. The key here is to create content that’s both useful to the readers, and should also very creatively use the keywords. Only then will it blend well with the crowd.

So why should anybody really care about content?

Because your content constitutes your website. It primarily introduces the reader to your website and what it stands for. The quality of your articles decides whether or not the reader will return to your website to take a second look.

And believe me, you want the readers to take as many looks as they can. That’s how you primarily gather followers. It shows how unique your website is or becomes the answer to the question, ‘Why should people visit your website?’

Hence make sure you supply new, unique and unplagiarized content. It is an absolute requirement to enhance your website. This is because Google or any other search engine scans your content before giving it a ranking. While listing the important points is allowed, plagiarism is not. It is a serious, punishable offence and you can be labelled a criminal because of it.

Now, the easiest way to find out whether or not your content is plagiarized is through properly scanning it, which the search engines do for sure.

Okay, so we have affirmed that the quality of your content and its uniqueness are important for the SEO of your website.

What about the fact that the content should be relevant to the context? Relevancy is the base for the entire concept of SEO. The main reason people use keywords is to fulfil this aspect. These particular keywords that content creators or marketers use make the search engines understand the extent up to which their content is in context to the topic.  It also decides how much your article tallies with the requirement of your reader.

Having content that is in context of the situation basically means catering to the needs of your reader. Does it give him or her a proper answer to the question they’ve posted? If it does it is content that enhances your SEO.

Writing an SEO-friendly article is hence about mastering quality, keywords, relevancy and addressing the key needs of your reader without consorting to plagiarism.

What should anybody who wants to master SEO optimized content do?

The first step towards achieving this target is to get hands-on exposure and experience. Get an internship at a small-time content writing firm and enhance your writing skills. Learn how SEO  works, how you can effectively use keywords to make your article SEO-friendly. Seek guidance from people who’ve been in this industry long enough and are experts on the subject and have made a profession out of it. Try doing a few assignments on your own- through an internship or through freelancing websites. This will help you understand what it really feels like to write an SEO-optimized article.  

Get in touch with websites that specialize in SEO, enroll yourself for internship or placement assistance programs. Several firms offer 100% assistance with both internship and placement opportunities. Some even offer training through experts and help you gain firsthand knowledge from people with tons of on-field experience. 

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