Seo- What Role Does Your Webpage Url Play?

Your URL can be a collection of words that are closely related to the page content or topic.

To get a webpage listed with higher rank in the Search Engine listings, you need to consider many factors that affect the calculations done by the SEO algorithms. The major parameters are title, Meta description tag, H1 & H2 Headings and image alt tags. These are also termed as the on-page assets for SEO. But have you ever pondered about the URL of a page?  Are you surprised? 

Yes, a URL is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization as per the Search Engine algorithms. Let's understand this aspect of making your page a winner in the ever-challenging SEO contest.

URL does not need to be grammatically correct

While writing the Meta description, headings or title of a webpage you need to make sure that they are written with correct grammar. This is not true with a URL and that's a great relief! You can add any keyword or keywords without need to focus on its semantics. Nobody will read it except the Search Engines but you will still be driving home with one benefit- a good page rank. Your URL can be a collection of words that are closely related to the page content or topic.

Any strong word doesn't fit otherwise

When you are searching for keywords to represent your content, sometimes you stumble on beautiful words and phrases that go with your content but you fail to give them a well deserving place on page. URL is the best bet in such cases because you can bind together these unrelated words and make a good URL that is unique and search engine optimized. Moreover quirkier the URL, more attention it will get from the viewers and higher chances to be followed.

URL is flexible

The fact that the URL is identified by search engines gives a lot of advantage to the SEO Sydney professionals. They can fully rely on the flexibility offered by URL. All those words that are important for SEO of a page but are awkward can be fitted in the URL so that the search engines still find them, associate them with your webpage and give it a better ranking.

Creating a unique URL is beneficial

Anything that does not fit in the title, H1/H2 Heading or Meta description tag can be added easily in the URL. It will make a unique URL preferred by search engines. You can also think about adding all the low CTR keywords that may not attract the viewers but while keyword research you found them somehow related to your page content. Sometimes a few amazing phrases are required to be a part of the webpage but may look out of context. These can also add up to the value of a URL. In short all the adjectives, phrases, and synonyms are good candidates for including in a URL for improving SEO.

Retain readability of words in URL

Search Engines look for completely readable words when marking the keywords. So it is a good practice to separate different words in a URL using hyphens or dashes. Mixing up words will be a bad idea. Separators make the URL readable as well as SEO friendly.


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