What Do You Mean By Animated Product Videos?

The internet is an ever-expanding universe in and of itself and it keeps growing with all kinds of content people and businesses from across the world feed it on the daily

One of the hottest trends in the digital space is video content. A rich and engaging medium, video has all the elements that make up content that compels, convinces, and persuades audiences to take action. Animated product videos, otherwise known as animated explainer videos have been increasing in popularity because of their efficiency and impact as a marketing tool. Explore online and you will find all kinds of businesses using it to promote their product, service, and brand. Animated explainers have been widely used by startups and larger businesses are following suit, seeing the great benefits and advantages that these promotional tools offer.

With an animated product video, it is easy to present any business idea within a few seconds. Just like no one has time to read wordy copies anymore, animated product videos are much like infographics in motion, with the added bonus of auditory stimulation. These videos appeal to both the auditory and visual senses, making them highly efficient communication tools that produce greater impact on the human brain than plain text or static pictures. What makes these digital tools even more interesting is that they allow you to convey your message quickly, with a smaller chance of losing your audience as they won’t need to skim through words just to get what they need. With an animated product video, you can explain what your product and service is all about and throw a compelling call-to-action in a matter of seconds.

Another major advantage of using animated marketing videos is the ability to build greater brand awareness and encouraging trust between your business and your target market. Animated explainer videos are the perfect introduction to your business, especially when you want to make a lasting impression on your potential customers. They can be crafted to ensure alignment with your business’ or your brand’s image and visual aesthetics. Animated videos give your brand personality and make your business more accessible and relatable, especially when using stories and characters that they can empathize with.

Finally, animated product videos create more visibility for your product or brand. This is one of the main reasons why startups are keen about explainer videos. Animated marketing videos place businesses in front of target audiences in a non-intimidating way and they help keep people’s attention and focus on the story being told on screen.

Broadcast2World is a fun group of diverse personalities complimenting each other since the past 9 years to become the world's largest producers of explainer videos. We do so by telling memorable stories which empathize, educate, inspire and connect individuals, organizations, and governments. We have produced more than 300,000+ seconds of handcrafted video content till date, and what drives us forward is our undying passion for the art and science of telling animated visual stories.

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