Exciting Video Marketing Trends For 2018 To Watch Out For

Video marketing in 2018 is expected to boom in different sectors and business industries.

Video marketing in 2018 is expected to boom in different sectors and business industries.

Are you using video marketing to promote your business? If you have started investing in videos, for sure you have already proven its power to convert leads to actual sales. If 2017 was a great year for you because of the amazing benefits of video marketing, prepare yourself. There are more exciting video marketing trends for 2018 that you and everybody should watch out for.

The Power of Video Marketing

Statistics Show

Video marketing has been very progressive in the past years. Today, it has even become a healthier industry with a foreseeable future. According to statistics, 63% of businesses in 2017 have significantly used video marketing as their top business marketing tool. On YouTube alone, more than 500 million hours of videos are being watched each day. Therefore, it is no surprise why more and more sectors are investing in it because video marketing is such a worldwide phenomenon.

What's Up for 2018?

Insights You Need to Make the Right Decision

Video marketing in 2018 should be an addition to everyone's promotional toolbox. However, to take measure accordingly is crucial. Creating a video is easy. But, driving traffic to your website can be a very challenging part. Small and big businesses should know how to play the game inside the video marketing arena. It's very impressive and overwhelming. But everyone's using it. Therefore, the competition becomes tighter. So here's the video marketing trends in 2018 that should inspire you.

2018 Video Marketing Trends

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming becomes very popular and accessible because of Facebook Live and streaming apps like BeLive and Zoom. This has opened the doors of online marketing opportunities for marketers under different sectors. It brought them into the new level of internet business craze. Compared to other types of videos, live video or live streaming is very economical. Anyone can broadcast anytime, anywhere. Since more and more people are using live video streaming, this trend will continue in the upcoming year. When it comes to potential marketing success, this is one great way to invest in.

360 Videos

360 video is one of the most anticipated video marketing trends in 2018. It's an immersive technology with a cool and awesome twist. 360 videos are best for any promotional and marketing purposes because it will give the viewers a broader perspective when viewing a brand, product or service. When it comes to accessibility, 360 videos will give you a lot of reasons to choose it. You can use it on your computer or smartphone screen. Therefore, if you want to attract more online shoppers, a 360 video is something that you need to have on your 2018 business wishlist.

Virtual Reality Video Marketing

To those who are looking for the hippest video marketing opportunity in 2018, the Virtual Reality videos are what you should be waiting for. It is anticipated to become a big hit in the upcoming year. It is going to catch people's attention fast and easy. VR videos will give life to images and characters that will emotionally connect the audience to the video. It's a very effective means of providing facts and information. It's the best way to encourage people to engage because even without seeing the actual product or service, they feel and experience what you want to offer them. VR videos will surely bring your business success to the next level.

Video Marketing is Conquering the World

The skyrocketing video numbers simply prove that the video marketing is conquering the world. However, video marketing is not a magical situation. It's a step by step process with the right and perfect formula. Everything is going to work for you and your business if you have enough will and perseverance to succeed.

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