How To Design An Ideal Checkout Screen For A Mobile App

Designing a check out screen is a crucial part of e-commerce mobile app design.

Designing a check out screen is a crucial part of e-commerce mobile app design.

If you are running an e-commerce website business, having just a website doesn’t work anymore. As you all know, a majority of people use mobile phones these days instead of desktops and laptops. In 2017, the estimated total of worldwide mobile users reached over 52 per cent, showing the major inclination of people toward the mobile platform.

It has therefore become crucial to design a mobile app that presents a more handy mobile specific version of the website. One of the rudimentary steps to keep in mind while designing a website is to gain maximum conversions, increase CTR and boost sales. Same goes with the mobile app design. Every section of the app should be designed in a way that it presents a user friendly UI as well as an excellent UX.

As it turns out, the mobile check out screen in an application is just as important as any other screen. Ultimately, this is the page that will get you conversions and if this page is confusing, it may affect your sales. It is therefore, necessary to design the mobile checkout screen with perfection. Following are some useful tips to help you design an ideal checkout screen for your mobile app.

Easy Editing

Make sure to provide an easy navigation from product page to the checkout page. The entire flow should be quick and simple. Besides, you must allow easy editing at every step so that the users never feel like going back or starting all over. It is always advisable to provide an editable shopping cart so that the users can easily change the quantity, size, color or style of the product any time they want.

In a nutshell, make the checkout process as simple as it can be and remove any kind of unnecessary resistance to say the least.

Payment Methods

Linking payment methods to your website is another important step. Try to add as many payment methods as you can so that the users don’t have to make any improvisations while making payment. Also, it would be great if your website is adroit enough to save the recent payment methods of the users for an easy checkout in future. Most e-commerce business websites are offering this kind of payment options and it limits the entire checkout process to just a few taps on the screen.

Purchase Overview

Don’t forget to provide a final purchase overview before the payment is processed. This will help the user to ensure that he’s purchasing the intended product from your website without going back. Providing this option saves you from future complications and improves the UX of your website. For example, if a user orders wrong product by mistake, then obviously he/she would ask for return or exchange upon receiving the product. So, you’ll have to initiate a refund or carry out the desired action which only adds to the complexities.

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