Always Make Sure Your Site Speed Is Good

Website performance is an important aspect of maintaining high ranking on the search engines.

Website performance is an important aspect of maintaining high ranking on the search engines.

Regular checking and reviewing your site’s performance, especially your page speed insights, is a must for any SEO process and SEO building. Good websites must allow good user experience which is the need of the hour to search engines for page experience.

Users expect to begin interacting with a website within a fraction of a second. They will very quickly click off a website if the website doesn’t load and they are unable to interact with your site almost immediately.

Resources to test website speed for your business

To check the health and performance of your website, many resources are available. Test the performance of your site as well as your competitors.

Understanding how your website speed compares to your competitors should be part of your analysis. Sometimes, fixing a few errors provided to you by one resource may not have improved scores the way they were predicted to. Thus, it is important to have several tools you can combine to gain different suggestions or recommendations for speeding up your website. Perform a page speed test using online technique and the ones listed below:

Google Page Speed Insights

Website page speed insights is also referred to as lighthouse. What it does is, it helps analyse and calculates your page to give you an overall performance score on both mobile and desktop. If you work on testing your page many times, you might notice that the scores do fluctuate. The reasons for this are many and can include testing on different devices too maybe, browser extensions, traffic routing and more such reasons. Google recommends you think of your website performance as an overall score that includes more than one score rather than a single number.

Remember this! The weight of each performance metric lighthouse 6 considers includes the following:

  • First Contentful Paint
  • Speed Index
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Time to Interactive
  • Total Blocking Time
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

More techniques include things like the Pingdom Speed Test.

Improving page speed performance is a good practise because once you test performance, it’s time to fix any errors that slow down your website load times. If you have the time, strategize around what fixes are most impactful to the health of your website overall.

Faster pages pleases users and provide an overall higher user experience score.


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