11 Unique Mother's Day Gifts Trending In 2022

Mothers never have the time to work out. And you can never force them either, but you can gift them the gift of health.

Mothers are the best. We all know it. But do we appreciate them enough, well, if you are thinking yes! What are your preparations for Mother’s Day? Stuck, aren’t you? Well, don't worry, we are here to solve your "buying the best Mother’s Day gifts" problem. Here are the 11 most trending and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for your mum. 

  • You are My Sunshine Music Box:

Every heard the famous song, "You Are My Sunshine" well, isn't this the perfect song to define a mother's love and how you feel for her? If this song expresses your mum, get her a "You are my Sunshine" Music box. With this music box, you don't even have to use words to tell her what she means to you; the music is enough to tell her that you love her the most. Music boxes are one of the best gifts for mom on Mother’s Day.

  • Self-care kit:

Moms tend to be extremely careless about themselves. They run after their kid and home all day long; they are so exhausted by nightfall that they just fall into bed. To help your mom unwind, relax, and start taking care of herself, gift her a self-care kit as one of your Mother’s Day gifts. This kit will be a reminder to her that she needs to stop and care for herself too. Better yet, spend time with her and give her a long spa day with your hands. She will appreciate all the love and care to put towards her. 

  • Foot Massager:

We find it hard to sit with our mums and massage their feet with our busy schedules. But there are so various things that can do the same, and we don't even have to lift a finger. Buy your mum a foot massage this Mother’s Day as her ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Her tired feet will be so grateful for this awesome gift. Mothers run after one chore or another all day long. They seem like robots that never tire, but this isn't the case. They do get tired; their feet also ache. If you can’t lessen her burden, you can at least get her something that can help her reduce her pain. 

  • Scented candles:

My Mother is a huge fan of scented candles; she orders a ton of candles for herself. This makes my word a lot easier, as I get her candles for all occasions. So, this Mother's Day, buy your mum scented candles as a gift for Mother's Day. You can either get long pillar candles or beautiful glass jar ones. No matter what you decide, just make sure they smell great. Scented candles are healthy as they help your body relax. 

  • Surprise in a box:

What is a surprise in a box? Well, it's a unique gift from Bazzle.pk. They make these cute balloon surprise boxes. You can add a world of things in this one box. You can add anything as long as it fits the box, from balloons to chocolates to teddy bears. As it's a premium gifting company, you can choose any gift from their website and get it delivered all over Pakistan. If you are looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts in Karachi, Bazzle is your answer. 

  • Power bank:

Is your mum on the go all day long? Is she a powerful woman who is juggling a house and career single-handedly? Then our suggestion would be to get her a power bank. Keep her phone fully charged always with your ultimate Mother’s Day gift. We are sure a working woman like your mum will highly appreciate this thoughtful gift. 

  • Salon voucher:

I am always cross with my mum as she never gets the time to get herself to a salon, so this Mother’s Day, I have decided to get her a salon voucher that she can redeem at the salon and get herself some papering services. If your mum is the same, you can also get her a salon voucher to redeem on the spot. She would hate to waste your money and will surely give herself a day off. 

  • Ring:

Getting your mum's jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift is great. Do you know diamonds are forever, but you can also invest in gold for her? Whether you choose a diamond ring, a gold one, or even silver, a little trinket from you will set perfect with her. Such beautiful gifts are forever, and your mum can wear them daily and send love your way. 

  • Books from her favorite author:

I am a bookworm. In time if I get books from my kids, I would weep very hard. If your mum is a bookworm too, you should most definitely get her books from her favorite author. Imagine the surprised look on your mum's face at seeing new books from her favorite author. We are sure she would highly appreciate the effort you made. You can also add sweet notes to every reader for her to read. 

  • Gym Membership:

Mothers never have the time to work out. And you can never force them either, but you can gift them the gift of health by getting them a gym membership. Better yet, you can join the gym with her. So, you both can spend quality time together while working out. Isn't that the coolest idea ever? 

  • Custom Cutting Board:

Every Mother loves kitchenware. They can never get enough kitchen items. If your mum is the same, get her a customized cutting board as a wall hanging. She can either use it or hang it in her kitchen. You can get her name or her favorite recipe printed on the board. This will surely get you in her good books in no time.  


No gift can ever make up for the love and care we got from our mothers, but small gestures like Mother’s Day gifts can make mothers very happy indeed. Choose any of these perfect Mother’s Day gifts and make your mum the happiest this Mother’s Day.

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