Science Proven: This Lifestyle Boosts Business Creativity

Science proved that these ways of living can boost your creativity for your business. Read this and prove it yourself.

“I have this habit that I can’t stop…”, “You’ve got to do something about that habit of yours…,” and yada, yada. Have you ever wondered why every time someone says “habit,” it is always interpreted as ‘bad’ even though the person hasn’t even explained the ‘bad’ part? To be honest, I also have bad habits, I mean, everyone does. That being said, believe it or not, habit doesn’t always have to be bad. If you do something that is good for both your health and productivity routinely, that becomes your good habits. Good habits can not only encourage healthy lifestyle and productivity in life, but good ones can also boost creativity. As a digital marketer, I am constantly challenged by the always upcoming new trends in this era that requires me to be always creative for the sake of my job. I think the same thing applies to business owners as well. In a world where almost everything is fresh, brand new (and digital) and more creative, business owners are required to pay attention to trends so they can focus on being even more creative than the trends. If you are a business owner, your mindset either works like this; “So, this is the new trend for this month, huh? Alright, let’s create something greater than this,” or “So, this is the new trend for this month, huh? Alright, let’s fully make use of this trend and see what we can get from this.” Either way, you still need creativity to produce great content marketing strategy. Don’t worry; I wrote this article especially for you. After conducting a research using several good habits to boost creativity, I found myself reborn with the new kind of creativity. Moreover, I found out that these habits are proven effective according to science. Keep reading to learn more!

Exercise your brain like you do for your body at the gym

Boosting creativity is not about trying to think of something creative and make a new innovation right away. It requires step-by-step process because when an idea comes into our mind, it is still raw and needs further thinking in order for it to grow into a plan. For that reason, exercising your brain is a good step to boost your creativity. Now the question is; how? Have you ever got a sudden idea that came into your mind while you were just sitting on your couch, watching TV or even basically doing nothing? Well, immediately write it down, I repeat, write it down on a paper as soon as you can and no matter what you are doing at the moment, write that sudden idea even though it’s only raw. Do the same thing when another idea pops out next time. After you have gathered many ideas, you can develop them into creation and innovation. Writing down your ideas is also a good step to exercise your brain. You can also think calmly while taking shower. It helps your brain improve its capability because relaxing in the shower helps stimulate your brain and this is also because when you enter a cold temperature quickly, your blood moves from the surface of your body to the core, which helps bathe your brain in fresh blood and cleans out your system. Aside from taking cold shower, you can also listen to jazz or classical music that can boost your brain. Just like how you go to the gym to train your body, you can train your brain and mind by creating small ideas piece by piece, while boosting your brain through outside factors like body and mind treatments, such as taking shower, having spa or facial treatments, listening to good music for the brain.

Change your surroundings

Your surroundings can also be one of the factors that encourage certain moods for us. According to data, creativity “nudges” can come from changes as small as a warmer cup of coffee or different colours in the room. The colour in your room can also play a certain role in increasing your mood. However, painting might take time to finish; you can do some little changes that can transform your old room into a fresh looking one without having to wait for a few days. In fact, you can do it now with these ways:

  1. Change positions of your stuff (either on your desk or on other tables if you have more than one table)
  2. Change positions of your room’s furniture
  3. Clean your room and make it look different with a little bit additional accessories and displays
  4. Get rid of unnecessary stuff
  5. Make more space in the room

You can stimulate yourself similarly at work or any place and any time by setting a time limit for a task or taking on an “ultimate challenge” in your industry. There are actually many ways of living that you can do to boost your creativity for marketing strategy. However, you should note that what you eat can also affect your brain. Therefore, choose your lifestyle and food wisely.

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