Vlogs Are Just Like Reality Tv, Except Without The Drama

I remember at one point in the YouTube space, vlogging was a huge thing.

And ‘till this day, it’s still a common thing for content creators to do.

But what’s not as common is finding content creators who release vlogs almost, if not every single day.

Yes, all 365 days in a year.

And I understand why it’s not common for content creators to release daily vlogs. It just takes a lot to keep up with that.

They constantly have to talk to a camera, which isn’t enjoyable for some of them because they feel like they’re unable to live in the moment.

They also have to do a lot of video editing, which, speaking from experience, is a time-consuming process in and of itself.

But I recently started tuning into this channel owned by a couple who used to do a lot of comedy skits back in the day until YouTube changed everything making that type of content unprofitable.

And they basically share almost everything they do in their daily lives. Everything from huge events like moving houses and starting new business projects to the small things like their grocery shopping experience, what they’re watching on TV, outdoor activities, etc.

When I first thought about that concept, I couldn’t see how that type of content could be engaging at all. But now that I’ve actually tuned in, I get it.

It’s almost as if you’re watching a reality TV show, only without the ridiculous drama.

All the big and little events that are shown makes you feel like you’re actually living with them. And when they put out that type of content on a daily basis, it only amplifies that feeling, which results in higher engagement and a desire to consume more of the same type of content.

It can have the same effect on your readers too when you incorporate this concept into your email marketing.

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