Why I Don't Bother With Reality Competition Shows

Personally, I was never too interested in investing a lot of attention into watching those reality competition shows.

That includes dance competitions, singing competitions, heck, even award shows.

It’s not even because the winners of these shows may possibly be preselected. Even if that was true, the other reason is that all the winners in these competitions are chosen based on opinion.

Choosing who the best singer is, the best dancer, best actor, best films.

All those are based on people’s opinions.

But it’s a whole different story when it comes to sports competitions, or in my personal case, eSports competitions.

It’s much more exciting seeing your favorite sports team win because the results are real. They actually try their best to win and the final scores are factual. You simply can’t argue with numbers.

So why am I bringing this random topic up today?

Because just like in reality competition shows, there are some email-related things that are subjective too.

The number one example:

Open and click rates.

Those rates depend on how many people you have on your list and the accuracy of the method tracking those methods.

Not all email openings and link clicks get tracked.

But the number of sales would be considered a factual metric. A buyer can’t fake a purchase.

And that’s something my email copywriting methods can help you get more of.

It all starts with learning the information taught in How to Become an Email Titan.


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