Witnessing next level marketing

I like to follow small music artists. One artist I follow recently released a new single and did the best promotion ever

I recently witnessed one of the greatest song promotion campaigns ever.

The artist starts off with a YouTube video titled, “Final song before I leave,” making people think he’s quitting the platform, but he later mentions that he’s leaving Earth.

He ends the video by playing a demo of his newest space-themed single.

Then his next few videos took place in what looks like a space station.

Their viewers were confused if he actually went to space or not.

People were discussing in the comments section whether his journey to space is real or not.

They were looking up the website of the space company.

There were discussions on Reddit. Someone even wrote up a factcheck article about this whole situation.

Now, I’m not here to discuss whether this whole space journey actually happened.

Real or not, the point is to take note of how much publicity the entire campaign generated. People who don’t normally follow him were talking about it as well.

That, in my opinion, is some amazing marketing. There are quite a few valuable lessons to take away from this, so keep it in mind.

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