Why I Find Cold Emails Hot Now

I actually used to hate the concept of cold emailing. But after some recent experiences, my view on it flipped.

I usually don’t talk about this, but I guess today is the exception.

Somebody once asked me,

“What makes an effective cold email?”

Now, I’m no expert on cold emails. But when I wrote a cold email series for a client months back and saw some results, that made me want to start studying cold emails.

So when I answered the question, I made two points.

1. It had to be attention-grabbing. 2. It had to be different.

I didn’t say it at the time, but a third thing I should’ve mentioned was to make the email about the person you’re sending the email to.

It’s obvious, but equally as important as the first two points.

And while I was studying the art of cold emails, my entire perspective on it changed too.

From thinking it was intrusive and unwanted to it being an act of service, that is, only if you’re providing something that’ll truly help the prospect.

If you’re selling a product or service that helps your target customers but you aren’t letting them know about it, then you’re actually doing them a disservice.

In fact, that’s why I’m even writing a cold email series for myself for list building purposes.

And when new people join my list, it all comes down to daily emailing using the same email copywriting methods I teach in How to Become an Email Titan.

You can learn the same methods too, just click the link below to get the sample chapters.


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