What Are Effective Ways To Build Customer Loyalty?

Building customer loyalty gives you a high return on the time and money. It isn't easy, but it's worth the effort.

One of the most effective ways to build customer loyalty is to develop a highly personalized and a seamless relationship with your customers. A personalized experience will create a feel good factor and an experience which they will always remember and will cherish for their entire life.

By engaging your existing customers in relevant communications, one can deliver exceptional customer service. You need a multi channel marketing platform that helps you to live with a wide range of offers through the right channel, to the right customer at the right time.

Please your customers by sending them gifts on their special days and offering them exclusive and customized gift items on festive occasions. That will eventually persuade them to be loyal to you.

Understand your customer’s taste for your products and their buying pattern. Delight them by showing similar newly arrived products. That way you will be able to generate your elite customers who will buy your products even if they aren’t on sale and recommend you and your products to their friends, family and relatives.

Be honest with what you do and the services that you provide.  Don’t keep your customers under the false impression of the jazzy and flashy stuff which you advertise online against the ones which are actually available with you. Whether it is an online e commerce store or a multi brand outlet, promote the actual products.

Give importance to your employees. Incentivize and authorize them to take decisions regarding solving an issue, giving an extra discount. This will make them feel respected and appreciated and boost them to up sell. Your employees will walk an extra mile to make sure that their customers don’t do empty handed. On the other hand, it is very annoying for the customers to experience a representative who have zero command over any issue.  Everybody in the company from the owner to the employees must be committed to creating a highly satisfying and a positive experience for each customer.

It is very important that you don’t ignore or let go those small customers. It’s necessary to give equal importance to all of them because you never know; those small customers today might be your most potential elite customers tomorrow.

Categorize your business into different components like, the best selling category, slow moving products, stagnant products with declining sales volume, low- range, high-end products, etc. That way you can understand your business better, you can work on a systematic framework to reinvent those slow moving areas. Work out on the reasons for these undemanding areas, and strive towards removing these pitfalls and flourish in your business.

Last but not the least, be flexible with your policies. The main intention is to win your customers and maintain healthy customer loyalty with them, rather than win an argument or establishing your company policies. Complaints, calls and emails should be addressed with a sense of urgency. Update your customer and communicate the status of the problem till it is resolved. Statistics shows that customers whose problem areas are addressed immediately with required priority are most likely to make repeat businesses.

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