Mental Health In An Unequal World.

What is unequal? How do I define or explain unequal? Unequal system or an unfair situation or unfair society?

What is unequal? How do I define or explain unequal? Unequal system or an unfair situation or unfair society? Unequal treatment or unequal access??

Zorah, was worried, she was concerned her parents will not believe she is gay. She was concerned her parents will never accept her partner and she never revealed to them about her feelings. 

Jevin on the other hand was confident and brave to fight his struggles with academics and would roughen up with his classmates when they teased him, which got him detention quite often. 

Sarah had not left her house because of some fear that if she talks to people they will find out that she is weird. 

Abhay always had to request people to help him with his wheel chair. And that affected his self-esteem.

The theme for the World Mental Health Day 2021 is ‘MENTAL HEALTH IN AN UNEQUAL WORLD.’

The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. An opportunity to make mental health care a reality for people globally.

Hopefully we as individuals would consider and be compassionate towards many more Abhay, Jevin, Sarah or Zorah. We must learn to accept every individual in our society and respect their needs maintaining our boundaries. We must create a society that is STIGMA free. 

People struggle, everyone has their potentials. There are brilliant minds, there are some which are not explored. 

The initial stage of acceptance by self and by the parents’ delays the process of treatment which is so essential. The fear of being discriminated, the fear of stigma, and the fear of being labelled interrupts the acceptance process too. 

We need to understand everyone is different. Each one will have their own strengths and shortcomings. With their abilities and through proper guidance they reach their own potentials. It is so important to be encouraging and supportive of ones needs.

Individuals like Abhay, Jevin, Sarah or Zorah should be able to reach out to people and professionals to seek out for help.  

 Let us be supportive of individual needs, let us be kind, let us be grateful, let us be honest, let us be patient, let us be strong, let us be healthy, let us be safe, LET US MAKE THIS WORLD AN EQUAL SOCIETY.

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