How To Make A Gmail Account Without A Phone Number?

This post is gonna help you to create a gmail account without phone number, so read this post thoroughly.

At a point in time, you must think about whether you can make a Gmail account without a phone number. Because every time you make a Gmail account google will ask you for a phone number. Is that the case that without a phone number you can not set up a Gmail account? Let's solve your query related to this whether you can use Gmail with a phone number or without a phone number. 

Google will ask for your phone number only for security purposes. If you do not want to share your phone number but want to create a Gmail account then there is another way you can do it. Whenever google will ask you for the phone number skip that part and add your other Gmail address for security purposes. All the steps on how to do it if you are an Apple user or an Android user will be mentioned below. Continue reading to know more. 

Use a Gmail Account Without a Phone Number on Your Device

When you sign up for a Gmail account and Google asks for your phone number then you can skip this part because it is optional and you can see optional written on the side of the phone number box. If you already have a Gmail account then you can add that instead of your phone number only for security purposes. 

On iPhone 

  1. Open your settings 
  2. Choose mail option 
  3. Click on Accounts 
  4. Now, click on add account 
  5. After this select Google and press continue
  6. Choose Create account 
  7. Fill in the asked information 
  8. Skip the phone number column and add any other recovery email address 
  9. Press agree on the terms and conditions and click on More options 
  10. Click on Allow and then press the Save button 
  11. Now, your sign-up for Gmail without a phone number is complete

On Android 

  1. Open settings 
  2. Choose Accounts or Accounts and backup
  3. Click on Manage accounts 
  4. Click on add account 
  5. Choose google option 
  6. Click on create an account and choose 'For myself'
  7. Enter the asked information 
  8. Fill up the password 
  9. Select more options 
  10. Now, select do not add my phone number 
  11. After it selects done 
  12. Agree on the terms and conditions 
  13. Finally creating a Gmail account without a phone number is completed 

These are all the steps for iPhone and Android users if they want to create a Gmail account without using a phone number. I recommend you add another Gmail account if you have one for recovery. If in any case, you need it in future. I hope every query you have is now clear in your mind and now you know the steps on how to make a google account without a phone number. Show us your appreciation by sharing it with your friends and families.

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