Teleradiology: 7 Benefits For Patients And Health Professionals

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Commonly, we can define teleradiology as the transmission of a large volume of images, using cloud technology to radiologists. Increasingly widespread and used, teleradiology offers some surprising benefits for patients and radiologists. We list 7 of them below:

1. Faster DiagnosisTeleradiology, or Remote Radiology, offers almost instant visualization of imaging results. This allows professionals, clinics, and hospitals to provide better patient care. After all, the diagnosis and treatment of the patient will be faster and more efficient.

2. Cost ReductionTeleradiology eliminates the need for radiologists to commute. There is no need to be in the same place where the patient’s image was captured. This allows radiologists to work in virtually any location – literally. That is, the savings will be generated by not having to hire a full-time internal radiologist.

3. Better appointmentsTeleradiology services give radiologists and doctors the ability to collaborate and obtain the best treatment method. Second opinions can be easily reached by a subspecialist radiologist. All this without having to transfer the patient to other clinics or hospitals.

4. Make up for the shortage of radiologistsMany hospitals and doctors’ offices are daily experiencing deficits in their radiology staff. Imagine then during holidays and night shifts. Teleradiology makes everything more efficient, that is – it does more with fewer employees. After all, radiologists do not need to be in place to view and interpret images. This saves time and allows them to perform their duties more quickly and effectively.

5. Improves care in distant areasTeleradiology allows hospitals in distant areas to be served, without the need to hire staff. Rural hospitals can easily send their patient images to teleradiology providers for quick and specialized interpretation of the exams.

6. Improved serviceTeleradiology helps provide weekend, emergency, holidays, vacation and overtime services. Radiologists can essentially work from anywhere. That is, medical facilities that use this branch of telemedicine can effectively provide services 24 hours a day.

7. Educational OpportunitiesTeleradiology gives doctors and radiologists the ability to learn and expand their skills within their area of ​​expertise. The technology can be particularly useful in education through presentations by clinical radiologists or other health experts in the field.

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