7 Effective Tips For A Bride Before The Wedding

A wedding is the biggest holiday for any couple because the story of a new family begins with it.

A wedding is the biggest holiday for any couple because the story of a new family begins with it. The main decoration of the solemn day, as a rule, is the bride herself: all eyes and lenses are directed at her, guests and the future spouse admire her, and little girls will dream of growing up and becoming the same as her. In this article, we have gathered seven effective tips for a bride before the wedding.

1. Be positive

There is no perfect wedding preparation. There are only attempts to make everything perfect. And yes, a lot of trouble awaits you during the preparation. You will have to be disappointed more than once: in one of your relatives and friends, in your ideas and choices. And at the wedding itself, unpleasant surprises can lie in wait for you. So you should understand that this is normal and happens to everyone. 

Therefore, the main thing is to maintain a positive attitude both during the preparation for the wedding and on the day of the celebration. Tell yourself that everything will definitely be fine and just look for solutions to the difficulties that have arisen. Then troubles will not be able to make you angry or upset by ruining the holiday. Remember: this is the best day of your life, and it is beautiful no matter what!

2. Start with the main things

Having received the long-awaited ring, 90% of brides imagine themselves in a snow-white dress instead of the wedding itself. Guess what that same 90% of brides do in the first place? Naturally, they go to the bridal salon. Sometimes they don't even choose the date of the celebration itself. However, starting your wedding preparations by choosing a wedding dress is a really bad idea. 

Firstly, both the image and the outfit should be in harmony with the atmosphere and place of your wedding. Agree, a dress embroidered with rhinestones is unlikely to fit into a country holiday. Secondly, most brides buy a wedding dress in the first or second salon they visit, and then they find the outfit of their dreams. Therefore, many brides are disappointed in the purchased dress long before the celebration. Give yourself time to choose, study different offers and buy an outfit when the date, place, and style of the wedding are already known.

3. Consult with the groom

There is an opinion that the wedding is done for the bride and not for the groom. As if he was passing by. Seriously, preparation is more difficult for grooms than for brides, but this doesn’t mean that you need to protect your beloved from all problems. A wedding is practically the beginning of family life. Therefore, now it is worth practicing the separation of duties and involving a man in important issues. 

Indeed, if you decide together between a pink and a peach ribbon for a bonbonniere, then there is a possibility that the groom will run away before the wedding. But strategically important points must be discussed together: guest lists, concept, venue, choice of wedding professionals, etc. And at the very beginning, discuss what moments you are doing (floristry, decor, image), and what - the groom (motorcade, food). If you are having difficulty getting ready, do not hesitate to contact your partner. The male view of the situation is rational and devoid of unnecessary emotions: it will allow you to see things from the other side and find the right solution (often unexpected for you).

4. On the day of the celebration, be only a bride

You are having a wedding, and your great-aunt from Kamchatka cannot find the address of the restaurant; the cake should have been delivered an hour ago; the restaurant manager asks when to serve hot dishes. On the wedding day, there will be enough excitement (first of all, joyful ones!) without it. So one of the main tips in our top is to provide all the solutions that day to others! Better, of course, for professionals. Understand that a wedding coordinator is just as much a necessary specialist as a professional wedding photographer. It is like the final chord in a song: invisible, but the impression of the whole wedding depends on the work of the coordinator. As well as your calmness and good mood. Do you think it's worth a lot?

5. Fulfill your desires and dreams

Where, if not at a wedding, can dreams come true? The main thing is that they are yours. Try to abstract yourself from the desires and requirements of your relatives. In most cases, they build on outdated templates. The “top advisors” may be perplexed about the rustic setting, dress without veil, or European seating. 

Do not fall for provocations, they simply did not have such an experience. After the wedding, they will be the first to admire the result. Therefore, preparing for the celebration, choose what is close to you two. Remember that a wedding is done not to prove something to others, but to be together and be happy. Guests will definitely feel this and will happily share your holiday.

6. Listen to competent advice

If you are not planning to hire an organizer, then during the preparation you will have a lot of questions. In a situation where there is an urgent need to find out something, most brides act simply: they go to the forum where other brides hang out, crying for help. Or asks mom/girlfriend. What's bad about it? The fact is that it is necessary to ask questions to those who understand them. For example, a friend whom you decided to ask did not have a wedding, or it was not at all like the holiday of your dreams. And my mother is not at all aware of modern wedding trends and strives to give advice that was relevant 20-30 years ago. Do you think such advice will be useful? 

Therefore, an important rule of a smart bride is to ask wedding questions to professionals. First, the pro has the specialized knowledge that they learned. Secondly, brides have one wedding and two girlfriends behind them, and a specialist has several times more. Not sure which location to shoot? Ask the photographer. Can't decide on a dress? Ask your stylist for a hint.

7. Do not abuse alcohol

An obvious point that is rarely mentioned. And it concerns not only you but also the groom. Of course, you are not going to abuse it! However, taking into account the "tradition" according to which alcohol at a wedding flows like a river from morning to night, it will not be difficult to sort out and be embarrassed. 

In addition, after getting up early, lack of breakfast, worries, and tears of happiness, the body's reaction to even a couple of glasses of champagne may be different than on a normal day. Therefore, limit yourself to the minimum amount of alcohol before the banquet both for yourself and for guests. In the evening, drink only light drinks like sparkling wine and have a good snack.

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