The 5 Most Wanted Criminals From The Imposter Syndrome Org

Attention fellow reader of Ellisen Wang’s article.

It has come to my knowledge that there are some very dangerous criminals on the loose.

Now these are not the typical kinds of criminals you hear about. You know, the ones that rob houses, banks and whatnot.

They’re all part of an underground organization called the Imposter Syndrome.

They invade your mind causing you to think in a self-destructive way.

If you sense them, do not, I repeat, do not engage without proper support.

To arm you with knowledge and give you a heads-up on what you’re up against, here is a list of the five most wanted criminals from the Imposter Syndrome organization:

1. The Putrid Perfectionist

This mischievous criminal loves to cause a lot of self-pressure inside you. He loves to have you focus on all your tiny mistakes causing you to never be satisfied with anything you do until you spiral down into madness.

2. The Sinful Superhero

While this one may seem like he’s on your side, I can assure you he’s far from it. This guy likes to make you feel like you’re never enough making you want to endlessly work as hard as humanly possible until you burn out. One of the most common ways of knowing you’re dealing with this one is if you tend to take on too many responsibilities.

3. The Evil Expert

This particular criminal makes you tend to have an insatiable hunger of knowledge. You never become satisfied with the amount of knowledge you have. And even if you are truly a highly knowledgeable person, you always sell yourself short when it comes to your own expertise.

4. The Gruesome Genius

One of the more nasty ones in the organization, I’d say. This guy loves to ruin you by making you set way-above-your-head goals for yourself only to see you fail on your first try. And if you feel highly discouraged by that, don’t be, because that’s exactly how The Gruesome Genius wants you to feel.

5. The Sinister Soloist

If you tend to be the type to work alone and often reject any kind of outside help, then you may be dealing with The Sinister Soloist. Their goal is to isolate you from the outside world by making you think that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

I’ve personally dealt with some of these criminals myself, and still do to a certain extent. I fight an endless battle with The Gruesome Genius and The Evil Expert, yet I still make out each battle alive.

You may also be dealing with one or more of these criminals to a certain degree, and they’re holding you back from achieving what you want.

For examples,

When it comes to email copywriting, The Putrid Perfectionist is one of the worst criminals to deal with. He significantly slows down your writing process and makes you question every single word you write.

The Sinister Soloist is another one. If what you’re currently doing isn’t working, The Sinister Soloist is preventing you from seeking help and making the sales that you want to achieve in your business.

I may not know how to deal with every single one of these criminals. But if you want help keeping The Sinister Soloist at bay, then my email copywriting book, How to Become an Email Titan may be a good starting point for you.

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