An Open Thank You Letter

Writing is the easy part. Learning how to fill out the registration forms and submit articles is the challenging part. If you are faint-hearted, you might want to pick another career.

An Open Thank You Letter
by Connie H. Deutsch
This is probably the strangest letter I've ever written because I don't know any of these people, yet I feel as though I know every single one of them.  It's also strange that it has to be an open thank you letter because I don't know any of their personal email addresses.
About four years ago, I decided to write articles and see if I could get anyone to publish them in an online magazine.  Perhaps I should have given it a lot more thought but, instead, I jumped in at the deep end and started writing.  If I had thought it through, I might have quivered at the thought that I would be expected to open my own accounts.
Now, for people who are technologically gifted, this is no big deal, but for someone like me, just learning how to turn the laptop on and off, is a major accomplishment.  When I looked at the registration form of the first publisher, I quailed and almost gave up.  It was so complicated.  The publisher was very patient, and he tried to simplify the process for me.  I hate to say it but it was still a challenge for me and it seemed to take forever to learn how to submit an article.
I was so pleased to have mastered that, that I didn't take into consideration the power of the Internet.  Within five minutes of my article going online, several publishers picked it up and published it in their magazines, and then some of them contacted me about writing for them.  Of course, this meant learning how to submit articles in each publication, and each one had different wordings and I was so confused.
Over the next four years, I had to enlist the help of at least fifty publishers, just to get me to open up accounts with them and start submitting articles to them.  And then, wouldn't you know it, but they all changed parts of their formatting and I couldn't figure out how they worked.
This past month has been a prime example.  The first publisher I started with sent me an email telling me that my formatting has been wrong and for the last four years they have been fixing all my resource boxes and asking me to make them compatible with the new formatting.  I couldn't.  So, after much frustration on both parts, they finally agreed to write something out so I could just do a copy and paste.
And now, another publisher has had the frustration of dealing with my technological incompetence and helping me do a copy and paste just to get the ball rolling.
I don't know these people personally, but I can't thank them enough for all the hard work they put into resolving these issues for me.  When you are technologically gifted, it must be extremely difficult to deal with a Technodummy.  So, thank you, each and every one of you who has made my published articles possible.  To you, I owe the deepest gratitude and I will continue to make your efforts worthwhile.

Connie H. Deutsch is an internationally known business consultant and personal advisor who has a keen understanding of human nature and is a natural problem-solver.

Connie is the author of the books, "Whispers of the Soul," "A Slice of Life," "Whispers of the Soul for the Rest of Your Life," "From Where I'm Sitting," "View from the Sidelines," "Reaching for the Brass Ring of Life," "Purple Days and Starry Nights," "Here and There," "And That's How it Goes," and "The Counseling Effect." Her website: See more of her articles by clicking here ConnieHDeutsch Articles

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