9 Amazing Gym Hacks

From tiny details that make a huge difference, to ones that could come across as hard to believe, we’re here to help you

From tiny details that make a huge difference, to ones that could come across as hard to believe, we’re here to help you experience a better quality workout. Listed below are a series of 9 gym hacks carefully curated to your needs.

  • Leave your mobile phone in the changing room or on do not disturb.

If you’re someone who gives utmost priority or value to time then this next hack will prove to be a game changer. Social media, calls, texts, alerts are all costly distractions when you’re spending time with your exercise equipment. Leaving your phone back in the changing room is a good way of dealing with distractions. Plug your headphones into the gym's entertainment system or just listen to the music playing from the speakers. If your phone is needed for music, simply switch it to do not disturb. 

  • Don’t waste unnecessary energy.

Every ounce of strength is important while working out, be it at your home gym or a community one. Saving one’s energy is ideal, so that it can be used on everything that is necessary. For example, we all know that deadlifts are tough. Likewise, getting the plates off the bar can be equally as tough. So, next time rather than trying to hold the bar with one hand to pull the plates out with the other, try straddling the bar by pulling the plates towards you. Always make sure you’re working smart with your exercise equipment as you are with your energy.

  •  Interval training is highly beneficial.

Shorter bursts of cardio can help you leapfrog in the field of fitness as you breathe better, move faster and additionally improves your blood sugar levels. If you’re working out at your home gym, then gym mats can prove a good alternative for HIIT. Just remember that to perform HIIT, an exercise mat must be able to absorb the impact to protect your spine, knees, and ankles. It should also provide a blend of absorption and resilience.

  •  Use a playlist as a timer.

If you’re someone who constantly checks the clock at the gym, then this hack is made for you. If you wish to workout at the gym or at your home gym, use a music playlist as a timer. For example if you wish to spend 50 minutes working out, all you need to do is curate a playlist of your favourite songs for that period. This is obviously not a one size fits all strategy, but it keeps your mind occupied instead of watching the clock constantly tick by. 

  •  Freeze gym gloves that don’t smell appealing.

If this piece of exercise equipment smells unappealing you’re always given the choice to either dump it in the washing machine to combat the issue. However, this comes with a price. An exercise equipment of this sort, could face a little wear and tear. To avoid this from happening, just store your gym gloves in the freezer for a couple of hours. Despite being slightly frosty, your gloves won’t smell as bad. 

  •  Try going to the gym early since it's an off peak time.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being able to use most of the gym equipment be it dumbbells or gym mats whenever you felt like it? If yes, then you know going to the gym early in the morning acts as an enormous benefit. You spend minimum time queuing up for gym equipment and maximum time utilising it. Even if it is the home gym you’re training at which does not involve similar issues as regular gyms, a morning workout would help set you up for a day filled with alertness, energy and optimism.

  •  Make the most of unused equipment.

If you’re ever at the gym without a plan as to which body part you wish to train. Then this next hack was written for you. If you’re at the gym and find yourself a vacant gym equipment, go ahead and make it yours. Using unused gym equipment is a good way to avoid waiting, especially during peak hours. You will also get utmost value for time. 

  •  Use an audiobook while doing cardio.

There’s always people who prefer certain gym equipment more than others. A cardio machine is second-nature to someone who loves running. But, for someone who doesn’t enjoy running, cardio could be plain boring. In that case, try using an audiobook to make cardio a better experience. Spotify and Amazon have plenty to pick and choose from. 

  • Include caffeine in your morning workouts. 

Research shows that pre-workout caffeine can help reduce some of the downsides associated with early morning workout sessions. These include impaired central nervous system efficiency and slower muscle activation. So if you’re doing core on an exercise mat or lifting heavy gym equipment, you get more strength and a performance boost. 

The hacks are properly backed by science and if followed faithfully then the results will be nothing short of genius. These tiny subtleties will determine how strong, fast, and healthy you feel and look.

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