Tips For Buying The Best Badminton Shoes

After the culmination of the Tokyo Olympics my sibling was suddenly very much interested in badminton as a sport.

After the culmination of the Tokyo Olympics my sibling was suddenly very much interested in badminton as a sport. She asked me everything about the lifestyle of the players and what made them so successful in representing their respective nations. That is the sort of general question that runs around a lot. But, the factor that we’re actually missing out on that highly contributes to the greatness of a player is also the equipment that’s being used. I cannot stress more on how important knowing your equipment is to make the experience more pleasurable. 

A sizable amount of emphasis in this article will be placed on badminton shoes, since they could either make or break the athlete involved. One shouldn’t use regular shoes to play on a badminton surface, since it could lead to injury. Only badminton shoes should be used to play on that surface as its prime motive is to collaborate with synthetic or wooden courts. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of it as we also towards the end of the article suggest one of our favourite badminton shoes for men. 

There are 4 things that need to be given importance. Namely - weight, flexibility, shape and sole. 

Weight - This game involves a rapid change of direction and everything happens in fast motion. Having a shoe that is ideal in weight is a must. You do not want a shoe that is too heavy that slows you down. So make sure you give priority to weight when picking badminton shoes for men. 

Flexibility - Along with wanting to buy lightweight shoes, you also want to make sure the shoes are flexible to withstand changing pressure. There are plenty of movements performed while playing this sport such as lunging to reach for a shot by the net, or having to leap in the air to smash or to change direction because of a clever shot played by your opponent. For all this, flexibility in a shoe is a minimum requirement, so your feet can change their shape to fit the movement you’re performing. 

Shape - The shape of the shoe is the next most important thing to keep in mind. Be sure to buy a shoe that adapts to the shape of your feet. For example, look for options available specifically for wide feet. If you don’t, then look for those very exact options that fit the shoe well. Your feet should be secure and steady to avoid the risk of any redundant injury.

Sole - Badminton shoes usually have a thin sole. So, it is important for people with bad knees to realise this as it might not be suitable for them. If that is the case, buying insoles or orthotics would prove useful, providing you with necessary extra cushioning. You can replace the standard insoles with ones that appropriately suit your feet. 

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