Tips For Cheerleading Beginners

Cheer leading is an activity, where the participants encourage their team members by dancing and raising slogans.

Cheer leading is a fun-filled sport activity where the participants encourage or cheer for their team mates. They execute this activity in various forms like tumbling, jumping, dance forms, stunts or sometimes even by raising slogans. Cheer leading is not only about jumping up and down, waving the pompom while calling out your team’s name.  It is much more than that. It involves fitness, body stamina, flexibility, strength and agility. Cheerleaders are expected to be confident, enthusiastic, and most importantly they need to have a smiling face with lot of positive vibes. But it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. One needs to be active and dedicated and must be willing to undergo lot of practice sessions and classes in a strict regime.

Here we have listed down few tips which will help you out if you aspire to be a cheerleader. These tips will definitely guide you if you are a beginner.

  1. Having a delightful attitude:It is being believed that attitude influences several psychological functions. Having a good attitude is an integral part of a sportsman. While performing even if you stumble upon, you should not keep grudges about it, or should not crib about it to your fellow mates or your coach. Instead you should get up and continue with a bright smile. That’s the true sportsmanship. Similarly, while competing, even if your team loses, you should accept it happily and show the coach that you are always willing to try again. Without having a good and a positive attitude, this kind of sportsman spirit is not possible.
  2. Having a disciplined regime:  One thing is for sure that if you are not ready to throw out your laziness and come out of your comfort zone, you cannot make it to be a good cheerleader. This is actually true for any kind of sport. You need to be dedicated towards it. Having a healthy lifestyle, eating good, healthy and nutritious food, getting enough hours of sleep, stretching out and exercising is among the few things which you need to follow strictly.
  3. Perfection is everything:  In a team sport, being a perfectionist won’t count if you are not synchronized with your other team mates. In order to do so, you need to keep practicing. You can ask your friend to video your moves, so that you can view it later and rectify the areas required. A good cheerleader’s moves are always expected to be perfect in terms of rigidness and should contain tight moves. When you clap, your hands and fingers should be perfectly positioned and should align correctly with your team mates. Same goes with while jumping, bouncing, bending, stretching and even while smiling.

Cheer leading as we know today dates back to 1980s when it first started as jazzy dance moves with flashy clothes and pompoms and gymnastics stunts. But it has emerged out as an independent sport. Modern cheer leading has gained National attention and recognition. Cheer leading has taken a huge leap forward from just being an encouraging factor for team mates to a spectacular, well organized sport. If you are a beginner and in the lookout for everything associated with cheer leading starting from costumes to accessories and gifts, your one stop destination is here. Visit Spirit Accessories today.

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