Why You Need Tennis Shoes And A Tennis Racket To Start Playing Tennis

What do you need to get started playing tennis? For the answer, check out this article.

What do you need to get started playing tennis? For the answer, check out this article, which includes information on how to find the right tennis shoes and the best tennis rackets for beginners. You’ll also find links to some of the top-rated products in each category, which you can purchase online or at your local sporting goods store!

What tennis shoes do you need?

In order to play tennis, you'll need some essentials: a tennis racket, tennis shoes, and sometimes a ball. The most important part of starting out is getting the right gear. Some people have asked me what kind of shoes you should wear while playing tennis, or if it's okay just to wear running shoes. There are many different opinions on this topic, but in my opinion tennis shoes are best because they provide maximum traction. If your game revolves around the baseline—standing in one spot hitting groundstrokes—then it doesn't matter what type of shoe you're wearing since they won't affect your ability to hit shots that travel high up into the air like volleys or lobs.

But what if you're not just standing in one spot? What if you're moving around, especially sliding into shots? As I said earlier, tennis shoes are best because they provide maximum traction. It's important that you have a good grip so that you can move fluidly during your game without slipping or losing balance. So if you've ever considered playing tennis but thought it was too expensive, now you know all of these things can be purchased for less than $100 total! All in all, there are some key factors to consider when choosing your first tennis gear. Having proper shoes will give you an edge over other players because their traction will keep them from slipping or skidding when making shots from side to side on their feet or sliding.

What tennis racket do you need?

There are so many options when it comes to tennis rackets, that it can be difficult finding the right one. Here are some things you should know before buying your first racket: 

  1. Your budget- The price of your racket will have an impact on its playability, durability, and style. If you're just starting out, go for something cheap and simple.
  2. Type of play- There are three different types of tennis rackets- Player's stick (used by beginners), game stick (less expensive version), or professional players' stick (expensive). This is because they each have their own purpose- beginner's sticks are more durable while pro players' sticks offer better control. 
  3. Stringing material- This can change how much force is needed in your swings.

What balls do you need?

If you're just getting started with tennis, or even just starting up again after a long hiatus, then you're going to need some equipment. I'm sure you know what racket(s) will suit your playing style best so that's not something we'll cover here. However, there are two things everyone needs: shoes and balls.

Everyone knows that you need shoes in order to play tennis. However, not everyone understands why. It's very important that you get comfortable shoes that support your feet so they can perform as they're meant to on the court. For example, if you don't have good arch support then your knees could be in trouble. Similarly, if your shoes are uncomfortable or poorly made then they might cause blisters or make your toes hurt during long matches. As such, we highly recommend getting fitted for tennis shoes by an expert at a sporting goods store before playing for real since it'll help prevent injury and make sure you enjoy yourself more out there on the court.

What does it cost to get started?

You will need two things to start playing tennis: tennis shoes, which are available for sale at most sporting goods stores, and a tennis racket. New rackets usually cost about $60-$70. Purchasing the shoes on the other hand is much less expensive, with some being sold at as low as $10.

What about other equipment?

To play tennis, you will need a tennis racket and tennis shoes. Other necessary equipment includes tennis balls, tennis nets, as well as warm-up clothes for after the match. Some other items that are beneficial are water bottles, wristbands, sunscreen and sunglasses. A bag may also be used to hold all of these items or else each can be carried separately in your hands while you play the game.

While tennis shoes, tennis rackets, tennis balls, and other items are necessary when you get started playing tennis they aren’t all you will need. Even though some may see these things as necessities there are still many other things that can help with your game. It is highly suggested that when getting started in a new sport or activity you should always invest in good quality equipment.

When do I start playing?

Before you start playing tennis, there are a few things you need to have. First, of course, is the tennis shoes and racket. A good shoe will offer protection from the ball as well as allow for quick movement on the court. The same goes for a racket, so it is important that you invest in both before practicing with your friends or start lessons. There are different types of rackets depending on what kind of player you are: hard hitters or finesse players.

Once you have your equipment, you can start practicing. Make sure you know how to properly hold and swing your racket. Being able to hit balls with power is important, but if you don’t know how to play consistently, it won’t help much. Always ask for help if you are struggling with a certain shot so that you can be sure you are executing it correctly. There are plenty of drills online or at your local pro shop that will make learning faster and easier.


Tennis shoes are the easiest type of shoe for beginners to use, but you'll need other equipment, too. If you're playing on clay or hard courts, we recommend getting a tennis racket that has stiff strings. And if you're looking for an affordable place to play tennis near D.C., head out to Franklin Park or Marine Corps Memorial Park in Arlington for tennis courts that are open seven days a week. With so many reasons why starting up today is the best decision you could make, it's time to go get your equipment!

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