A Guide To Buying The Right Travel Plug Adapter

If you are always on the road and going off to different places, then you need to be prepared for any situation.

If you are always on the road and going off to different places, then you need to be prepared for any situation. One of the devices that you must always have in your bag is a high-quality travel plug adapter. You never know when your phone or tablet might run out of power, and a travel plug adapter will enable you to use and charge any of your devices wherever you are. There’s no need to frantically search for a socket that will accommodate your device. All you must do is utilize a travel plug adapter. But with so many options, which one should you buy? To understand which travel plug adapter is the most suitable for your requirements, you also need to know what type of outlets are used in different parts of the world: 

  • The basic outlet in the US and Canada have two pins. They are not grounded.
  • Some outlets in the US, Japan and Mexico have the two pins plus an elongated ground.
  • Europe and most of South America use two elongated pins.
  • In India, the outlets are three rounded pins.
  • France, Poland, Tunisia use the Type E plug. It has provision for a round male pin that is fixed on the outlet.
  • Countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Finland use the Type F plug. It looks like the European plug but with grounding clips on the side.
  • Three rectangular prongs arranged in a triangle is the type of plug used in Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, and Ireland.
  • Israel and Palestine both use the Type H plug, which consists of three elongated prongs. The metals are also arranged in a triangle.
  • Sockets in Australia, China, and New Zealand use two or three rectangular prongs that are set at 30 degrees.
  • Switzerland uses the three round prongs that are 4 mm long.
  • Italy uses the three straight rounded pins. They can be plugged on either side. 

If you already know the country that you are going to, buy a travel plug adapter that is designed specifically for that country. Buy two or more so that you can plug in all the devices you are bringing at the same time. If you are not yet sure about where you will be traveling or simply want a multipurpose tool, it is best to get a universal plug that allows you to use your device on any type of socket.

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