What Are The Benefits Of Using Printers And The Drawbacks

We often make use of printers in our workplaces and residences at present.

We often make use of printers in our workplaces and residences at present. These printers are obtainable in different varieties and styles so that you will have lots of options to choose from. Some of these printers happen to be quite costly, while others tend to be rather reasonably priced. However, one thing is for sure these printers come with their advantages and drawbacks that we have mentioned in this blog. 

First, we will talk about the advantages.


1. Convenience

With the advent of technology, there has been a huge development in the printers right now. This implies that it will be feasible to use a home printer for printing documents, legal papers, graphics, index cards, projects, and so forth. Moreover, there is no need for us to visit the local printing stores for getting our documents printed. Printers will also be useful for the kids since it will be feasible to perform their projects and other creative chores easily. 

2. Helpful to read

Most people find it easier to go through printed documents rather than staring at the computer screen for reading something. This is because the text on a printed paper happens to be much sharper as compared to that of the display screen of the laptop or the computer. While the display screen of the iPad 3 will be able to render text with 264 dpi, it will be feasible for the cheapest printer to provide an output of 600 dpi. 

3. Enhanced productivity

You will be capable of printing your favourite documents with the help of a printer available to you. You will also be able to print graphics on banners and t-shirts if the printer uses printer RIP software. In this way, these printers will help to promote your business while helping you to generate revenues as well. In a nutshell, your overall productivity will increase with the help of printers which is a positive aspect.


1. Initial cost

One cannot deny the fact that the cost of purchasing a printer can be quite high which many people will not be able to afford. In such a situation, it will be a good idea to print your essential documents after visiting a local print outlet in your area. Even though some basic models can be inexpensive, top-quality printers using printer RIP software can be extremely high. 

2. Damage and wastage

While printing something, you have to use paper at present. Sometimes you might need more paper than what is needed which will surely be a waste in the long run. Apart from this, the toner and the ink might release some poisonous substances that can be detrimental to the surroundings once they are thrown. Another thing to note here is that printers run on electricity, and while using a top-quality printer, it will be using a lot of power. It can increase your electricity bills as well every month. 

We like to conclude this blog by asserting that even though there are certain benefits of using a printer, there are certain downsides too. However, that should not deter you from purchasing a reasonably priced printer online right now!

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