Best Free Social Streaming Platforms

Are you searching for the best live streaming services to showcase your brand and engage with your target audience?

We've put together an overview of the top live streaming platforms worth looking at. You can use them for free. However, some offer premium plans.

What is a live streaming platform?

Live streaming platforms are web-based applications, such as sites or applications, that allow users to stream live video. When you upload a clip onto the website, viewers are able to view it live in real time.

What is a quality live stream service? At a minimum, the service must provide the ability to host videos and also provide content management tools. It should also offer the basic tools for embedding, as well as analytics and the ability to monetize.

Each of the platforms in our list has a social element as well as being part of an online social platform. This allows users to follow you or sign up for your account so that they can be notified when you're online.


Due to its huge number of users, which is two billion people every month, YouTube is at the top of our list of live streaming services. With such a large number of users all over the world and different age groups, YouTube is one of the most popular in-person event platforms to choose from. YouTube discovered that channels that offer live streaming on a weekly basis have up to 40 per cent more viewers as well.

In addition to providing wide accessibility to the public, YouTube also provides a powerful analysis of your live videos and offers different ways to monetize your videos. Because YouTube serves as an additional platform for video storage and saves all of the live streams, viewers can view the replay whenever they like. YouTube Live also has a chat feature that allows viewers to message them and one another throughout the live stream.


Similar to YouTube, Facebook is a giant of social media, boasting the world's largest population of 2.7 billion active monthly users. Like YouTube, Facebook appeals to different demographics, with millennials being the most popular segment of users.

With Facebook, it is possible to grow your network of users by adding users who are already established, particularly those who are already using its live streaming services. The main features are the option of monetizing your content; broadcasting live on mobile and desktop devices as well as analytics, editing versions of live video or chats; and the ability to schedule live streams. Live streaming can be done through a personal profile, either a page, a page or a group.


LinkedIn isn't simply a professional networking site; it's also a full-fledged content-creation platform. There are videos, articles, and live videos from influencers, brands, and other professionals from your field. 93 per cent of B2B content marketers make use of LinkedIn to promote their business organically through social media. Furthermore, the average LinkedIn user has double the spending power of an average Internet user.

Events live streaming on LinkedIn includes modes and live chat tools, along with analytics. You can also create events through LinkedIn or stream them directly to the event. LinkedIn Live lets you save your previous live streams as recorded. However, its capabilities are less extensive than live streaming on social networks. Additionally, you need to get approval before going live with LinkedIn. 


The former live streaming service of Twitter Periscope was shut down in March 2021. However, the live stream on Twitter remains possible and users can post live videos directly on their Twitter accounts. Twitter may not be as popular in size as Facebook or YouTube, but live streamers are able to access 217 million active users.

Live streaming is possible on Twitter via the app as well as on the desktop. However, you'll have to use the Twitter Media Studio Producer with live streaming encoder software for the latter. 

TikTok Live

TikTok is a social media platform designed to promote video content that is viral, TikTok presents a great opportunity for live streamers. Although video clips of short length dominate TikTok however, there's still room for creators of live videos to reach out to an audience. If your content targets Generation Zer (under twenty-five years of age) and you have a presence on TikTok LIVE could be extremely advantageous.

If you're a fan of TikTok, live streaming will help you establish a stronger profile on the site. The majority of videos are less than one minute, therefore being live for 30 minutes could make your profile more noticeable. Live videos don't have to be recorded, making your content appear more unique.

Instagram Live

Instagram isn't only for sharing pictures with your loved ones. There are on-demand and live videos from your favourite brands and influential personalities on Instagram also. Actually, Instagram is the largest source of live stream viewers through social networks.

In between Stories, IGTV Live video, and Stories, Instagram offers plenty of opportunities for live streamers to broadcast videos and content. When you stream live on Instagram, your followers are notified. send an email so that they are able to follow your live stream. Instagram can also save the live stream to IGTV so that anyone can view the replay in the future. Instagram Live also has live chat and lets you add guests to your stream live. If you Instagram live streaming features in the right way it can be utilised as an HD live webcast streaming service provider for free. 

Let’s wrap up

Picking a reliable and good live streaming platform is no easy task. Every streamer has their own factors when choosing the live streaming service providers. Well, one thing in common that every marketer can have is the platform on which they can have more reach for their brand. Furthermore, what extra features can they leverage from this live streaming platform? A live streaming service that is effective for one person or company might not be the best option for someone else. Always consider your particular requirements, and keep in mind that multistreaming is an option if you're having trouble deciding!

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