4 Reasons Why Expecting Moms Find A Good Friend In An AC

Heat and humidity can make a pregnancy very uncomfortable. If you are a would-be mom, your AC can be your savior.

Heat and humidity can make a pregnancy very uncomfortable. If you are a would-be mom, your AC can be your savior.

Nurturing a life inside you is a beautiful experience. At the same time, pregnancy comes with its share of blues – both physical and emotional. For example, you are likely to feel hotter than usual when you’re expecting a child. Blame it on many biochemical reactions that take place inside your body during this phase. If you happen to live in a hot and humid area like Tampa or New Port Richey, air conditioning can play a crucial part in your prenatal well-being. Here is how:

Gets You Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep may add to the neonatal complexities. Sometimes, these complications lead to more serious problems like low birth weight and premature births. Therefore, when you are pregnant, try to get plenty of high-quality sleep. If you are on maternity leave, try to take short naps at intervals throughout the day. The high temperature is an enemy of sound sleep. A reliable cooling system will let you fall asleep whenever you want.

Supplies You With Fresh Air Constantly

Throughout the pregnancy, especially during the last trimester, your physician may ask you to stay indoors as much as possible. In the final stage of pregnancy, you are likely to feel claustrophobic. The constant circulation of cool air will make you feel more comfortable. In fact, the air quality you breathe during this time is highly critical for the health and survival of your fetus.

Gives You Respite From Sweat

It's only natural that you put on weight during pregnancy. In fact, some weight gain is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Also, you may also experience heat intolerance. Both of these factors make you sweat profusely at times. It may make you not only uncomfortable but also irritable. An efficient cooling system can help you sail through this phase.

Helps in Edema

Edema, a condition that involves the swelling of feet and ankles, is common among pregnant women irrespective of race. If you are suffering from the same problem, you may find yourself mostly confined to the four walls of your home. A rise in the temperature may worsen your condition. Staying in an air-conditioned room will help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

There was a time when moms used to believe that they should avoid the air conditioner during pregnancy as much as possible. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you are pregnant, an air conditioning unit will be your best friend. More so, if you live in the hotter part of the world like Tampa or New Port Richey where air conditioning is a must regardless of you being pregnant or not. A well-maintained air conditioner will help you cope with the heat and humidity of the region when you suffer from heat flushes and other discomforts due to pregnancy-related hormonal changes.

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